The Best Supplements: How you voted

We ran a competition to find out what the best supplements were - here's how you all voted!

We ran a competition to find out what the best supplements were – here’s how you all voted!
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To round off last year, we brought back “The Suppies”, to find out which supplements you think are the champions of them all.

After selecting which five products we thought were the best in each category, we wanted to know what you all thought – which supplements would be crowned the best of the best? We asked, and you voted; the results are in.

Without further ado, here are the winners!

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The Suppies 2017

10% off

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The Suppies are back!

Once you’ve voted for your favourites, we’ll give you an exclusive 10% discount code to use in our store until the 2nd January 2018!

Yep, The Suppies are back to mark the end of 2017! We’ve put together a list of what we think are the five best supplements from each category, and we want to hear what you think.

So get your vote in, get your discount, and keep your eyes peeled at the start of the new year to see what everyone else thought!

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9 out of 10 people fart at the gym!

beans on toast

The musical fruit

The results of the Grim Gym Survey are in! We’ve asked our Facebook followers and email club to tell us the truth about the gym! Some of it’s shocking, some of it’s well, not shocking, and some of it makes us wonder about the future of the human race.

With a lot of flatulence, a little bit of perving and a fair whack of sexual appetite, the gym seems to be a place of rather strange, yet not completely unexpected behaviour.

First thing’s first though, let’s look at how the gym going public use Google.

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Liam Browne’s Matrix High Protein Flapjack Review

high protein flapjack review

A review of Matrix Nutrition’s High Protein Flapjacks

When we get asked “is this product any good?” we are rarely going to say “Nah mate, hunk of rubbish!” are we? And as much as we harp on about how we use Feefo, a 100% independent review system, people still want more info!

And rightly so. Why would you want to part with your hard earned (or not hard earned, we’re not judgemental) cash on something you’re not 100% sure on. So, in a bid to further show how honest we are, we sent our good friend Liam Browne a box of Matrix Nutrition High Protein Flapjacks and asked him to do a 100% honest review.

So he did.

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The Grim Gym Survey (and giveaway!)

grim gym survey

This is what you can win!

Ever thought the gym can be a bit…icky? Don’t get us wrong, we love them, but when you see these ads making them look all shiny, and supplement companies telling you it’s all smiles and beauty, you do have to wonder. Is it really like that?

We think the answer is a big fat, no. We think the UK isn’t as squeaky clean as you’ve been made to think.

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5 things to look out for at Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016

Image source: rocharibeiro
What will you be watching this year?

The Olympics are here again, that four year trip into the world of athletics, countries you’ve never heard of and the knowledge you always have something to watch on the TV.

But though Neymar, Usain Bolt, Zika and the whole Russian doping scandal may take the headlines, we think it’s important to look out for a few other great happenings at this Olympics.

So here’s five things you really shouldn’t miss.

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A celebration of muscles, big and small


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Time to honour those ever so important muscles!

Muscles are…well…necessary. Without them we’d be a big bag of bones. But to our bodybuilding friends and family, muscles are so much more.

So, instead of telling you how to build the biggest shoulders possible or what to eat for maximum gains, we’re just going to celebrate our muscles.

Those everyday muscles you probably take for granted.

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Is a fat or sugar tax a good idea? Nope.

Sugar cubes and "sugar tax" inscription

This is an opinion piece and does not fully reflect Supplement Centre.

If any politician mentions the word “tax” most normal people make an inward groan. After all, who wants to pay more for anything, or have more money taken from them?

However when George Osborne announced a two tier levy on sugary drinks, many rejoiced. Jamie Oliver danced a little bit and many saw it is a blow against the ever growing bastard that is obesity.

Before I tell you why they should stop dancing, let’s get a bit of background shall we?

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