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Food and fitness, hand in hand

Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of health and fitness. It’s a science that can take a lifetime to master, but the principles can be picked up in a much shorter time.

We’ve scoured the net to find the best UK nutrition bloggers, and they’re an expert bunch.

Whether you want to focus on your fats, cut down on your carbs or prioritise proteins, these bloggers all have good solid advice for anyone looking for the best balance between diet and exercise.

Joe Johnson

joe johnson

Joe Johnson knows how to get a six-pack

Nutrition is a powerful tool for improving your body composition, says nutritionist Joe Johnson, from Crawley.

Online nutrition coach Joe also offers personal training. One of his top tips for losing weight is to check the calorific density of your food. 100g of broccoli contains only 34 calories, whereas 100g of peanut butter holds 588 calories! Joe proves that you can still make yourself feel full, while taking on fewer calories.

Having a fast food splurge? Joe pulls no punches in the Subway vs McDonalds argument, reminding us that Subway can be a healthier option, but if you choose the Meatball Marinara with extra sauce that’s more calories than anything McD’s sell.

Wholeheartedly healthy

laura agar wilson

Laura Wilson: “nourish your body, nourish your soul!”

Tattooed health coach Laura Agar Wilson has a recipe for everyone, and as she herself has lost over 5 stone, we can be sure they’re healthy and nutritious!

Salads and sweet treats, soups and smoothies all come together in this Newcastle mum’s musings, and her low carb courgette crust pizza provides a brilliant low-carb alternative to using traditional pizza dough.

Laura says she’s “passionate about living a wholeheartedly healthy life (with a slice of cake on the side!)” Check out her blog and let her help you figure your way to fabulousness!

Biting fit

gwen warren

Gwen Warren – improving your quality of life through good food that you will love

Nutritionist Gwen Warren believes obsessing about your metabolic rate will never help you, because studies show that even people with the same sex, age, and activity level have different Basal Metabolic Rates.

Good nutrition doesn’t have to mean dull food. Gwen shows us that even piña colada ice cream cups can be healthy! Her recipe gives us low-calorie natural goodness – with only three ingredients!

Gwen’s fantastic recipes and solid tips are really helpful to anyone looking for tasty, healthy alternatives to their usual foods. Her cayenne shots recipe will give you a kick like coffee, but replacing the caffeine with capsaicin means you don’t get the crash afterwards!

Sports nutrition vlog

matt lovell

Matt Lovell, sports and nutrition expert

We’ve all heard that eating our ‘5 a day’ is important, but Spurs and Manchester City nutrition consultant Matt Lovell advocates 9 a day, but keeping to 3 fruits and 6 veggies, just to keep the sugar down.

Matt and indoor rowing champion Gavin Allison teamed up to create a comprehensive nutrition and fitness service.

They show us studying sports nutrition (like many professional athletes) gives us the tools to make us faster and able to train harder.

Deliciously Ella

ella woodward

Ella Woodward’s healthy look is achieved through nutrition

A diagnosis of Postural Tachycardia Syndrome led Ella Woodward to change her diet and lifestyle, after having been left weak and in pain.

London blogger Ella Woodward restored her health and revitalised her energy levels by adopting a whole-food plant based diet. Her recipes have featured in Waitrose magazine and the Telegraph magazine.

Her sweet protein boost smoothie is a refreshing and healthy treat. Try her ginger and lemon shots for an alkalising digestive delight!


georgina spenceley

Georgina Spenceley – food, fitness and fashion

Essex sports massage therapist and blogger Georgina Spenceley loves CrossFit and running.

Her Fit Kit – including wrist bands for heavy cleans, resistance band for assisted pull ups, skipping rope, and of course 9 bars and protein drink – means there’s an easy way to pick up a small bag and have a workout and healthy snack pretty much any time!

Want to know how to make a more indulgent healthy treat? Georgina gives us a fantastic recipe for raw chocolate brownies, which are both delicious and satisfying.

Body type nutrition

ben coomber

Ben Coomber runs a worldwide training school

“Be the best version of yourself”, says nutritionist Ben from Ipswich.

Did you know that a carb placebo could improve power output by as much as 7%? Ben’s blog includes an interesting study on placebos which reveals this and other fascinating placebo facts, such as capsules being more effective than pills.

Want to stand out from the crowd? Ben tells us to identify what we’re brilliant at, bring passion and planning to our life, and outsource things we’re not great at to allow us to focus on what we are. These three strategies will help us to shine!

Charlie Francis

charlie francis

Charlie Francis – nutritionist, trainer and yogi

Fitness trainer and nutritionist Charlie Francis believes that with the correct knowledge and support, anything is possible and that you can achieve the body of your dreams.

Charlie helps you to avoid the yo-yo effects of dieting by making realistic changes, like reducing sugar intake, and learning to read nutrition labels! She tells us we shouldn’t cut out food groups such as wheat or dairy completely, and to allow these things in moderation as part of your diet.

Charlie also writes about how yoga can help gym junkies by improving range of movement so squats become deeper and deadlifts go lower.

One 2 one

ben wilson

South London nutritionist and trainer Ben Wilson

Do you know how much food you should eat? Ben tells us we should follow a chosen calorie intake and monitor the results. We’ll either lose fat and feel good, lose fat and feel bad, or not lose fat. These are our first guides.

Ben Wilson is a South London nutritionist and personal trainer. He’s appeared on national UK tv discussing his training methods. Don’t have time for a 60 minute workout? Split it out, and do six 10-minute sessions!

Ben also challenges the fallacy that you need to be perfect to achieve results, focusing instead on hitting enough of your good behaviours each week to make progress.


harry mosley

James Davies, Exerformance’s nutrition expert

The team at Exerformance are experts in nutrition and sports performance, and offer specialist training and nutrition programmes.

Find out how to avoid the afternoon sugar crash on their blog. Try an avocado, poached egg or porridge for breakfast and eat high protein food during the day.

Exerformance also provide a good guide for a positive mindset, which includes visualisation, a gratitude ritual, and breath control.

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