10% of People Orgasm at the Gym

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“Jizz in my pants”

Gym rats, bodybuilders, occasional users of a treadmill; we have some good news. You might not always get your end away at home, but you could well be getting an orgasm when working out…

What? Really? Is there now truth into that internet meme “The pump, better than cumming?” Kind of.

Let’s take a look.

Arnold explains “the pump”

Rsearch by Dr Debby Herbenick, a “sex professor (whatever that is) for Men’s Health Magazine, looked at the subject in detail, after several readers has noted orgasmic like feeling after performing intense exercises.

In her book, aptly named “The Coregasm Workout”, she claims that the “orgasm” gym goers get, is attributed to the working of the abdominal muscles. It isn’t because of shorts rubbing in places, or because of an intense self indulgence based on fitspo like memes.

If you are now looking to achieve it for yourself, then note, that you need to work your muscles to exhaustion. So when you can’t go any more, go some more.

Quite like fitspo after all!

Is the orgasm the same as one during sex?

If you are a person who struggles to properly climax, then why not just lift and do ab exercise after ab exercise? Well the orgasm’s aren;t exactly the same, as Herbenick told Cosmopolitan in June.

The exercise ones are very bodily. With sex, in the best situation you also have an emotional connection — there’s warmth, intimacy, and meaning. And certainly sexual feelings as well. The exercise ones don’t feel very sexual to people. They feel sensual and tingly, but they’re not bonding you to a partner.

So in short, go to the gym work the abs for a “coregasm”, drink your tasty protein shake as a post gym-coital treat, and use that hopeful improvement in body confidence to get more orgasms at home.

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