10 ripping weightlifting blogs


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Lifting heavy, lifting hard.

Are you a gym junkie or a home trainer? Either way, the blogs from these amazing weightlifters will inspire you to train harder and lift heavier.

We’ve gathered a collection of the best lifters, squatters and pumpers of iron for you to get to know.

Want to learn how to do stronger pull-ups? Or how to use music to get more pumped? Read on!

Home Physique

Refuse to quit. That’s Danny’s motto, and it’s worked well during his four year journey from idle boozer to healthy, active man.

Danny doesn’t believe that form has to be ‘textbook’. His take is that the differences in limb length and biometrics determine what’s perfect for the individual.

He also has some great tips for lifters who want to drink alcohol but still lose fat. Choose a low-calorie drink like vodka with diet coke and make sure you get a tall glass to make it last longer. Offset some calories through the week if you’re going to have a big sesh – and always remember your goals!

Gym Talk

Want to know the secret to fitness? Gym Talk tells us it’s not really a secret… “Just make the decision to do it, stick to it, and f***ing do it.”

Gym Talk has a no-nonsense approach to working out. It’s a refreshing antidote to the unending parade of bodybuilding websites and fitness gurus that take themselves far, far too seriously.

If you’re looking for new ways to get pumped before your workout, read editor-in-chief, Henry Croft’s suggestions. Listening to music you hate, or exploiting your body’s fear mechanisms to generate max strength feature high in his list!

Relentless Gains

You don’t grow when you’re in the gym. You grow when you allow yourself to recover – outside the gym. That’s just one of the tips from lifting authority Jim Brewster at Relentless Gains.

Torn between barbells and dumbbells? Barry Lumsden teaches that while a barbell will allow you to lift a heavier weight, dumbbells allow you to lift more efficiently and naturally.

Wondering why you’re not building muscle? Barry advises that you make sure your technique’s up to scratch, and that your diet’s the best it can be.

Strength Ambassadors

Strength Ambassadors founder, Sally Moss, is recognised as the most influential female strength coach in the UK, with a global reputation as a champion of women’s lifting.

When was the last time you lifted a PB in the gym? If it was a frustratingly long time ago, Sally recommends finding different ways to challenge yourself. Go for rep PBs as well as one rep max, as this will strengthen you and take your body to areas it’s not been before.

Want to do stronger pull-ups? Sally tells us that the key is engaging the right muscles, and doing supplementary exercises like lunges and goblet squats to increase strength

The Trainer’s Edge

Jason Depaoli’s philosophy is to consistently improve on your last session, always pushing your body to new limits, making you leaner, more toned, and constantly progressing.

Working out at home? Jason advocates the ancient art of kettlebell training. Implement basic lifts like swings, jerks and cleans, and you set yourself up for a hard-hitting workout to chisel out the body you want.

Looking for a testosterone boost? Jason reminds us that we can raise that T-score with foods like strawberries, coconut and more!

Character Strength

Why should you learn Olympic lifting? It’ll make you shed fat, and become a faster, more explosive athlete, according to strength coach Alex Parry.

Alex also tells us that the best way to speed up recovery time is to get 8 hours sleep a night.

And if you want to be able to lift more weight with the power of your mind, Alex has the answer. Motivational self-talk, visualisation of success, and taking on an alter-ego can all help to improve your mental game.

That Squat Bot

Run fast. Lift heavy. Eat hard. That’s the motto of Manchester health and fitness marketer, Sarah.

In search of “a juicy, meaty, round butt” through training, Sarah’s mantras are: “Make it count”, and “Suck it up”

In between training and work, Sarah finds the time to share her goals and progress with her readers. She’s no quitter, and got her deadlift PB from 80kg to 100kg in just a few weeks this summer.

David Coleman

Team GB bobsleigh team member, David Coleman doesn’t think women should be afraid of weight training, recommending it to both sexes as a way to de-stress and “make your life way more awesome”.

He’s got some great tips for shifting stubborn body fat. Squats or deadlifts will be far more effective than abs curls, simply because they use more calories.

Wavering between strength training and cardio? David believes that both can play a part in your overall fitness regime. Circuit training and kettlebell workouts can give you the best of both worlds!

A G Fitness Training

Does cardio bore you to tears? Trainer Andy Graydon reckons you should try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – intense bursts of activity followed by resting or active recovery periods. You don’t need any equipment, and you can spend just 10 minutes doing some bodyweight HIIT in your own bedroom!

Working towards competing in men’s physique contests, Andy played squash at a national level before finding a love for resistance and strength training.

Andy also likes to debunk a myth or two – did you know that ‘More time in the gym means more results’, and ‘You have to lift heavy to get big’ are both common misconceptions?

Phil Richard

Commonwealth powerlifting champion Phil Richard is just about to head to the World Championships.

Phil’s diary-style blog records his powerhouse training and competition lifting, and, given his astonishing physique, it’s no surprise that he recently took the British Open and Masters record by benching 216 kgs!

It’s not all deadlifts and presses, though – Phil still finds time to increase his mobility with yoga, which has the added benefit of helping him relax from his strenuous routines.

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