The 2014 Fitness Round-Up

Year review

Can you name the gym?

Like a good gym session, a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film or a delicious chocolate protein shake, all good things have to come to an end.

2014 has been a momentous year. England failed to do anything positive at the World Cup, Phil Heath won Mr Olympia (again) and we reached 50k fans on Facebook…

But what has been the most clicked, most read and most shared fitness goodies of 2014?

Here is the top 10.

1. The Young the Buff and the Beautiful

Georgina McConnell is, well, hench. She is in fact, more hench than the majority of our male followers. So when we posted her picture as the lead to the article – you all went a bit, how shall we say, bonkers. This has been the most popular post on our blog and it nearly crashed our servers. Well done guys.

2. Creatine is a killer

After the shocking Isla Vista killings by Elliot Rodger, several media outlets fell for some trolling from a member of a bodybuilding forum. There are many misconceptions about creatine, but thinking it can cause someone to kill innocent people is perhaps lacking in journalistic common sense. Most have removed the articles, but you can still find it here if you fancy a head shake filled giggle.

3. The man with a huge arm

Genetic mutation? Yes. Looks like he has been working on his forearms a bit too much? Yes. Combine arm wrestling and what do you get? A Popeye-esque champion that you all wanted to read about. Luckily it wasn’t our servers!

4. 22 signs a guy will beat you in a fight

We don’t condone violence unless it’s with a ref in a ring, or when someone curls in the squat rack. But if you bump into Tyler Durden or The Wealdstone Raider at least with this guide you’ll know whether you can win.

4. Why gym toned men are a huge turn off

This woman doesn’t want you to be too well chiseled as it could make her feel insecure. Agree? It seemed to anger most of you, can’t think why…

6. The man whose biceps will probably kill him

To this day, we still get people who think we deal in dodgy stuff on the sly. But it seems this, shall we call him, moron, doesn’t need us. Meet the man who has been injecting synthol into his arms – looks great pal.

7. The 20 worst people at the gym

The texter. The grunter. The sweaty betty. Ever met any of them? Well there are 17 more infuriatingly annoying people to meet, and it when we shared it, you lot all seemed to know at least one of them…might want to rethink your social circles.

8. If “real” men posed in underwear ads

Despite the philosophical arguments about what a real man is, and the obvious Pinocchio voice that comes to mind, this is quite funny. Let’s look at four “non models” as they recreate advertising shots from the likes of David Gandy and Cristiano Ronaldo. Enjoy…again.

9. Kim Bowman: Body Transformation

This year, we posted a whole host of body transformations. But Kim was the first female to get in touch with us. And it seems that you guys loved it. Another possible server buster, you all wanted to read how Kim had lost so much weight and fat. Our most popular body transformation blog ever.

10. Super Swanky Celebrity Home Gyms

Mark Wahlberg’s gym is ridiculous. Seems you all agreed. If you were one of the 247 Lotto millionaires of 2014, then please, make a celeb inspired gym. And, then come to our office and buy us all something nice!

Keep an eye out for our predictions for 2015 – coming soon, and until then, have a good New Year!

Image sources: Imgur, Beauty Muscle and Hilton & Hyland

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