5 Cheap Protein Packed Recipes

5 cheap protein packed meals

All the protein, none of the cash (well some)

If you were to believe everything you read, then you’d think that we are on the brink of poverty not seen since the Irish famine, and that soon, zombies will be taking over.

The truth is, things aren’t that bad. Granted, some have it worse than others, and for many, it’s important to cut costs where possible. For those who love working out, that can be an extra challenge.

So, if you are a bargain hunter, always looking at discount supplements, then you will love these five awesome protein packed meals!

Tuna pasta bake

Pasta Bake with Mushrooms and Tuna

Student fodder at its finest!

The king of kings as far as student fodder goes. And for good reason. If using wholemeal pasta, you get essential carbs and keep the meal within a low glycemic index bracket. There is protein in the pasta, and tuna even more so.

It’s cheap, quick to make, and tastes great…as long as you aren’t a terrible chef.

The healthy “fry up”

healthy fry up

The first rule of healthy fry up club, is that, yes you can talk about healthy fry up club.

Nothing cures a hangover better than a fry up.

Actually, that is a lie, nothing cures a hangover.

But if you do fancy a full English, then make it healthy. Poach the eggs, cut the fat off the bacon, use lean sausages, or even better, chicken sausages, and use use wholemeal bread for your toast. Protein, some good fats and the best hangover cure known to man. (Let us hope we come up with a better one soon.)

Mexican split pea soup (V)



Veggies rejoice. Meat eaters don’t go just yet.

In a decent bag of yellow split peas, you get around 20g of protein in 100g (uncooked). So this give you a decent muscle building kick, though it is a good idea to check the protein content of the particular bag you buy.

Spicey food and weight loss often go hand in hand. So if you like it hot, add in more chilli powder, which is cheap, like everything else in this recipe.

Liver and bacon

liver and bacon

It’s offaly good…

Urgggh you may well be saying. But bear with us.

First of all, read our guide on how to make bacon healthy. Then know that there will be some fat in this meal, but not a terrible amount. Then finally, take into account that you will get a lot of protein, vitamin C, iron, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin B12.

So full of goodness, tasty (if you ask us) and REALLY cheap.

Healthy turkey skewers

healthy turkey skewers

If frying the turkey, put a lid on the pan.

Yes chicken is probably your go to choice, but turkey is often a lot cheaper (except around Christmas). Those who say it is dry are merely victims of bad cooking.

If it it seasoned, and cooked just right it will be moist, tasty and have a lot of protein in it. 22g of protein in 100g is not to be sniffed at.

The vegetables you add are up to you. But onions, tomatoes and aubergines all have one thing in common. They are cheap, and good for you.

What did we miss?

Got another recipe you want made famous? Let us know in the comments.

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