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Boxing, the gentleman’s sport

As part of a new feature, we’ve asked members of the Elite Athlete Programme to give us five reasons why they think people should get involved with different aspects of fitness and sport.

To start, we’ve gone with a sport that’s often brutal, often brilliant and 100% epic for getting you in shape.

Think that boxing might not be for you? Let’s see if Matt can change your mind.

1. Self control

Contrary to popular belief, boxing isn’t a sport about brutality, violence and rage. Boxing is a sport in which you are forced very quickly to develop a serious amount of self control, self discipline and also, self respect. You are required to have a high level of control over your emotions in order to maintain a level head.

A lack of discipline and control would leave you vulnerable when actually fighting, and also increases your risk of not being in the best possible shape for training and fighting alike. Boxing creates an increased level of self respect because you know you are working hard to achieve your goals in boxing.

2. Physical fitness

Physical fitness is a hugely integral part of boxing as a sport and a lifestyle. With the current levels of childhood obesity and inactivity amongst children and young adults being so high, boxing is an excellent way of engineering some sort of enthusiasm for sport and activity. Running, strength and conditioning training, bagwork, padwork and sparring are all essential parts of any boxer’s training regime.

All of these are fantastic ways for your children to obtain increased levels of muscular endurance, strength, cardiovascular fitness, and also to maintain a healthy level of body fat and a healthy BMI.

3. Relieve frustration

Children and young adults are often frustrated. They regularly lash out or feel contained and controlled and need an outlet to release those frustrations and feel a sense of individuality. Boxing is the perfect outlet. Nothing releases frustration quite like punching a bag or a pad as hard as you can or performing an intense and gruelling training session to finish and feel relieved and happy you’ve completed such a task. The release of endorphins and the sense of self-satisfaction is huge, and as a result, your frustrations are diminished or at least, put to one side.

4. Self defence

Need I say more? An issue often over-looked in this day and age as most parents believe teaching their children to box or engage in a combat sport will inevitably lead to them becoming a bully. That’s where you are wrong. The boxing environment is filled with competitive camaraderie, a huge team spirit throughout every gym you enter, and a sense of well-being and belonging that gives you the ability to be strong and confident in your surroundings. Self-defence often comes down to having the confidence and self-respect to say no in certain situations, to deal with situations in a strong and resolute manner or in the worst case scenario, to be able to protect yourself to the best of your abilities.

5. Fun

Boxing is genuinely very fun. With the correct attitude to the sport, a good training team and a great bunch of people around you, boxing can be enjoyed by people of every age, sex, gender, race, or religion. There is no personal boundary that is preventing you from boxing. If you cannot access a gym, you can learn to box at home. Boxing is the kind of workout you can do absolutely anywhere. Boxing is a globally successful sport in which millions of people partake. It’s something amazing to talk about, be a part of and to enjoy! In boxing you don’t have to conform to a specific style or type. You can be like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson or Floyd Mayweather. You can be like Joe Calzaghe, Carl Froch or Ricky Hatton. You can box however you want to box, be however you want to be and love what you are doing and how it makes you feel!

About the author

Matt Goddard

Matt Goddard is a retired pro boxer with a 7-(2)-0 record. He owns and runs Matt Goddard Fitness, where he aims to help people get in shape and promote, in general, the fitness lifestyle. Finally, he is a part of the Elite Athlete Programme! Give him a follow on twitter and ask him anything you like with regards to boxing, he’d be happy to help.

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