7 reasons to work out



Last week we asked our many #SCElite athletes why they work out. Guy Allen took things a bit further, and wrote his very own blog!

Not wanting to bin his words, or condense them unnecessarily, we decided to give him that blog. Guy has come a long way, from inboxing us on Facebook with questions about fat burners, to being part of the awesomest fitness team in the world.

Here, therefore, are 7 reasons why Guy works out.

1. I’m healthier

The health benefits alone should be enough to get anyone working out.

2. Tired of being called skinny/scrawny

This is one of the main reasons why I started – I was tired of people calling me skinny/scrawny. Getting compliments on my body now gives me the best feeling in the world; it’s like a feeling of accomplishment that all that hard work has been noticed.

3. Stress switch off

When I’m in the gym it’s like a switch that has been turned on and all stress and worry goes out the window for that period of time. Nothing else matters, I’m not worrying about some problem going on in my life. The only thing that matters is moving that weight and the mind to muscle connection.

4. Self discipline

Having the discipline to wake up every morning at 6.30am and not make up excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym today. It’s that discipline to push beyond your limits which will lead to so many good things later in life.

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5. Attitude

The intensity and volume I put myself through each day at the gym doesn’t even come close to the emotional pain if I don’t go. Nothing better than feeling those DOMS the next couple of days.

7. Appearance

Everybody wants to do everything they can to look that extra bit better, especially in the summer. To look myself in the mirror and be proud and say, “I’ve worked damn hard for this body” regardless of what other people think. Be happy in yourself and forget all the “haters” around you, I’d rather be someone that’s hated on then someone that does the hating.

Big thanks to Guy Allen for his myriad reasons to work out! You can find Guy on Facebook and Instagram.

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