7 Workouts to Improve Your Sex Life

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They must squat…

Valentine’s Day is nearly here! For some, that means a trip to watch 50 Shades of Grey, for others it means a romantic night in, and for some it means a pizza, Call of Duty and a sad night alone.

With all this love in the air, there comes bedroom pressure. So you may well be looking for supplements, and the meaning of mass gainer may well have changed. But can working out help your sexual performance?

We think so! So here’s why and how you should workout to improve your sex life.

1. Wall Sit


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For when you really kick on with wall sits…

How: You all know the one. Stick your back flush to a wall, as if you were sitting on a chair and hold the pose. Put your arms out in front of you and hold the pose. To make things harder, why not add some weights on your lap or in your hand?

Why: By doing this isometric move, you can enhance your strength, especially when staying in a certain position. This means that if you wanted to try “Suspended Congress” you’ll have the strength and stamina to do so.

2. Glute Bridge

Gluteal bridge with barbell

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She’s going the extra mile…

How: Lie flat on your back and then drive through your heels, bringing your hips up vertically. Extended as far as you can and then slowly drop back down. To make it harder, add a barbell (or just a bar to begin).

Why: Thrust. Pure and simple. Whether you are a lady or a lad, a good bit of thrust can help you. This exercise will increase hip mobility and glute power to improve your dynamic strength. Essential for any love life.

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3. Rowing machine


We tried to find a sexier picture…

How: To start, make sure you stay in your seat, that your strokes are nice and long and that you’re pushing from the legs. It is important not to rush and most importantly of all, it’s key to keep your back in control. A hunched or jerked back could result in injury.

Why: If you’re a man who loves missionary or a woman in need of a bicep boost, a rowing machine is a great start. You can also use the rowing machine as part of your cardio workout, and that means a longer time loving.

4. Lunges


Again, we’re trying to find sexy. And failing.

How: Stand upright, torso forward and step forward with your right leg, ensuring your knee goes no further than your toes as your come down, keep the left stationery. Maintain balance and inhale on way down. Bring yourself back up, exhaling, and repeat on the other leg. Add dumbbells to make things harder.

Why: Lunges will help with flexibility, which we all know helps in the bedroom. Balance can also be improved with lunges, as you are working one side of the body at a time; this helps with stablisation, meaning those awkward positions can be done! Add the muscle building it gives your glutes and quads, and this is a great bedroom based exercise.

5. Squats

How: We’re going to look at a back barbell squat. Find a squat rack and set the height to around the base of your neck. If you’re a squat newbie (or warming up), start with just the bar, place on your shoulders and grip. Tighten your core, put your feet slightly wider than hip width and point your toes outwards a tad. Then point your bottom back and slowly drop as low as you can go comfortably. Then bring it back up, in a controlled manner. There are many variations of squats, so here is a full guide on how to squat properly.

Why: A strong toned bottom is likely to get your amorous partner in all sorts of fits, and squats will help to build it. Squats also build your quads, hamstrings and calves; and this all helps with…thrust. Different squat variations will help with different muscle groups. So find the one that suits your needs.

6. Core exercises

How: How you work your core is largely up to you. But to keep things interesting, we borrowed a video from Matrix Nutrition Athlete James Stirling. Why not try this?

Why: A strong core will help balance, help with thrust and will you give you the strength to mix things up position wise. Trying an exercise like this is a good idea, but to start, do it with a friend.

7. Cardio

cardio is that spanish

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And we’ve found sexy!!!

How: Again, there are numerous ways to help with cardio. But for the case of sex, you might want to think about HIIT (High intensity interval training). For a start, go as hard as you can on a treadmill or bike for 30-60 seconds then go at a gentle pace for up to 2 minutes. Repeat this 6-10 times.

Why: This will help with endurance, meaning like a Duracell Rabbit, you can keep going and going and going and going. By doing HIIT you are also mirroring the changing paces of the bedroom dance; and practice makes perfect.

Final word

If you are watching 50 Shades of Grey or having a romantic weekend, then we hope these workouts help. But just like the horizontal tango, don’t over do it. That could lead to injury. The same rules apply if you’re at home with a Pot Noodle.

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