June 2015: 775kg Deadlift and Little Hercules

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Another month closer to Xmas!

June saw the sun comes out, Jurassic World roar onto our screens and several hundred thousand “hippies” gather in a muddy field at Glastonbury.

But it also saw many fitness related things happen. Not only did the Women’s World Cup and Wimbledon both get under way. But there were myriad other stories that you lot all loved.

So here they are…

1. Mark Felix and Eddie Hall lift 775kg

Two men that have clearly hit the weight gainer supplements hard. And with excellent results too!

2. Little Hercules grows up to get a dadbod

This has now become our most clicked on article. Seems the lot of you all got nostalgic, as the child bodybuilder has now grown up. But he hasn’t grown muscle it seems.

3. Twelve week body transformation

You guys weren’t 100% sold on this one. Some seemed to forget that you can get tattoos in 12 weeks, while some thought “photoshopper” was at hand. Take a look for yourself.

4. The sex toy fitness tracker

Fitbit might be on the stock exchange, but it seems you can now stick a tracker on your shaft. Yep.

5. How to burn fat without dieting

These unconventional tips won’t be for everyone but they may well be worth a read.

6. Why lifting every day is more effective than you think

Should you really lift every day? And should you do the same thing every day? Breaking Muscle take a look.

7. The top 10 fitness breakfasts

Poached eggs, nasi campur, kipper; all included in this wonderful list.

8. Debunking fitness myths

The main reason to read this is to see the expose on fitness selfies.

9. 8 ways to get bigger forearms

Some of you lot came up with a rude suggestion on how to get bigger forearms. Here are the sensible suggestions.

10. 5 mistakes that are destroying your gains

Are you banging your head against the wall, wondering why you haven’t got massive biceps yet? You could be making one of these mistakes.

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