The All-in-one Supplement: How and when to use?

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Image source: Petrenko Andriy
How can you get the most from all-in-one supplements?

All-in-one supplements contain numerous ingredients aimed at developing muscle mass and/or recovery from intense exercise. In this article we will discuss what to look out for in an All-in-One and where they are and are not useful.

What’s in an all-in-one supplement?

In addition to protein and carbohydrates, a good all-in-one supplement will usually contain the following:

Hydroxy-beta-Methybutyrate (HMB); a powerful metabolite of the amino acid leucine. This is a proven muscle builder and recovery agent.
Creatine; a well researched ingredient shown to increase muscle size and strength.
Glutamine; strongly associated with enhanced recovery from physical exercise. It also aids protein synthesis.

What are the pros and cons of an all-in-one supplement?

They are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have the time (or money) to go out and buy each individual muscle building ingredient.

If you are at work all day, it probably isn’t feasible for you to take a break every hour to consume each individual supplement at structured time slots. This is where a quality All-in-One can be extremely useful.

All in one supplements are perfectly set up to provide efficient and effective recovery from physical exercise.

For advanced trainers who structure their supplement intake timings, all-in-one supplements are less useful.

For example, somebody may wish to consume some creatine pre-exercise but some amino acids (glutamine, HMB) post-exercise. An All-in-1 will not allow you to split up your supplement intake in this fashion.

Our Take

All-in-One supplements are a good option for busy individuals or athletes who don’t have the time to organise a complex supplement regime.

For individuals really looking to tighten up their supplement plan and have the time to do so, purchasing each of the ingredients outlined above separately then consuming them at their most efficient time slots may be something to consider.

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