6 apps to get you lean, ripped & ready for summer

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Stay on track with these apps

Getting fit, building the body you want, achieving your training goals – it takes discipline, grit and determination to get where you want to go.

And to help you on your way, there’s the phone in your pocket.

Here we take a look at some of the best fitness app out there. They won’t get you in shape, but they’ll give you the tools you need in a fun, user friendly format.


Perfect for the social media generation, Endomondo uses the GPS on your phone to log your runs, cycles, walks and other fitness activities. Not only will this app tell you how far you’ve been, it will also suggest routes and show your progress on a map.

Take the opportunity to share your workout success with friends. Post a facebook status update, upload photos, even pep talk your mates. Be part of an online community as you exercise – just remember to look where you’re going!

Endomondo basic is free, the pro version has a host more features including interval training programs, graphs and a pedometer. Available for IPhone and Android

Zombies run!

In the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse, only the fit will survive. The ultimate combination of fitness app, game and audio story, Zombie’s, run! is a high octane adventure that gets you fit by – breathing down your neck.

Each training run becomes a mission to collect essential items for the ‘base’ you’re building back at home. But as you jog along, you never know where the next Zombie attack is coming from.

You can use Zombies, run! outside or in the gym. The 5k version is an eight week structured program to get you running. Zombies, run 2 offers a hundred plus missions and the interval training feature, Zombie ‘chase’.

Zombies, run!

My fitness pal

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Track your cals, double your chance of losing weight.

Log your food intake, set goals, see the weight come off. According to the designers of My fitness pal, keeping a food diary doubles your chances of losing weight. My fitness pal is a free website and phone app that lets you track your calorie intake quickly and easily wherever you are.

Diagnostics give you a clear breakdown of proteins, fats and carbs in your diet, giving you the information you need to make positive dietary changes. Perfect for bulking or cutting phases and for athletes, an essential tool for maximising your balance of nutrients and helpful supplements.


One of the most comprehensive free workout apps around, Jefit is backed up by a vast online warehouse of workout routines. Plan your workout strategy, log your progress, interact with the Jefit community. Tens of thousands of rave reviews can’t be wrong.

Detailed illustrated descriptions accompany the exercises in the database, to give you the information you need to perform them safely and effectively. Track your progress by recording individual sessions, then let the app do the rest as graphics map your progress and breakdown your vital stats.

Add access to the online community and you’ve got the motivation you need to smash your training goals.

You are your own gym


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No gym membership? Not a problem!

You can’t always get to the gym. You might be one of a growing number of calisthenics enthusiasts, using your own body weight to train for lean strength and agility. ‘You are your own gym’ is based on a best selling book by US Special Ops trainer, Mark Lauren. It gives you the lowdown on over 200 body weight exercises you can perform anywhere.

Exercises are matched with videos showing how to perform them. But be warned, bodyweight workouts are not for the faint hearted.  You can preset the intensity of your 30 minute session – but if you do it properly, you’ll be a trembling wreck by the time the app tells you, “workout complete, great job”.

Stretching routines

Stretching the muscles

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Stay injury free with this app.

Keep yourself injury free with this simple to use stretching app. Quality illustrations show you exactly what you need to do to keep muscles and ligaments loose and flexible. Stretching routines are designed specifically for before and after your workout.

Find the right stretch routine for your particular sport from the app’s comprehensive list of activities, or work on a specific area. Favourite your preferred stretches to build your own routine. This is a versatile app that gives you exactly what it says it will; stretching routines.

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