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He’s not always this angry…

In the world of fitness, Steve Cook is what many strive to become.

With an athletic director for a dad and six sporty siblings, he was never going to be average. Steve started lifting weights in middle school, and by the time he was in ninth grade he was already benching 320 lbs!

Since then he’s become an IFBB competitor, international fitness model and founder of his own popular fitness site. If you want to know more about the man behind the epic body, read on.

At a glance

• Born December 10th 1984
• Athlete for Optimum Nutrition
• Founder of fitness site Swoldier Nation
• Won 6 of the 7 Pro card physique contests he competed in.
• Regular cover model for fitness magazines

Steve Cook Muscle and fitness

Image source: Twitter
Cover model greatness

The fact file

• Unlike most kids, his chores were pushups and stair runs
• First picked up weights in middle school (for pupils aged 11-15)
• In 6th grade he reportedly bench pressed 205 lbs (93 kgs)
• Played American Football for Dixie State College
• Has a degree in Biology/Psychology
• Currently dating Carlie Butler, after his four year marriage ended in 2010
• Competed in first ever Men’s Physique category at Mr Olympia 2013, but failed to place.
• Continued to be an inspiration for aspiring physique athletes, featuring in Optimum Nutrition promotional campaigns

A Steve Cook workout

“Steve is a believer that most workouts have something to offer. So while a strength based Arnold Schwarzenegger workout may be good for gains, the sprints and core strength exercises of CrossFit also have great benefits.”

Steve never misses leg day and a typical leg session for him will include a couple of big compound movements such as a hack squat and stiff-legged deadlift, followed by plenty of isolation exercises such as calf presses and hamstring curls.

What Steve Cook eats…

Steve eats six times a day, including pre and post workout. A typical meal for Steve would include a big source of protein such as a beef fillet steak, a few carbs such as a couple of rice cakes and a big serving of healthy green veg for all the nutrients his body needs. Add in some ON Gold Standard 100% whey and you have an all encompassing muscle building diet.

Our favourite Steve Cook quote…

“I want a body that is appealing to the masses. My goal is to have the perfect balance of size shape and symmetry.” – from Simply Shredded (2011)

Steve Cook’s favourite quote…

“One man has enthusiasm for 30 minutes, another for 30 days, but it is the man who has it for 30 years who makes a success of his life.” – Edward B. Butler

Steve Cook in the flesh

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