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Eating out tips for bodybuilders

bodybuilder restaurant

Get ready to enjoy eating out again!

So you’re training hard and eating well and all is good until you’re invited out for a staff meal only to discover the menu choices are all super fatty calorie bombs with extra cheese.

Eating out can be tricky when you’re a bodybuilder.

So what do you do — stay at home and eat protein bars whilst becoming a social outcast? Well there’s nothing wrong with being disciplined and keeping up your protein levels, but get out and eat in restaurants like everybody else!

Just digest these few pointers first.

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Movie stars who got muscles

movie star muscles

Stars who got ripped for roles

Getting into shape for a top Hollywood movie role must be quite a challenge, especially if you’re set to play a superhero or portray a famous fighter.

The challenge can be made easier of course, when there’s a multi-million dollar purse being mentioned and the support of a personal trainer.

Let us have a look at which of the big stars took on a tough, focused routine and brought out the big guns (and probably the protein powder) to bulk up for Hollywood. We can also see how the respective movies did at the box office.

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Ideas for your empty whey protein container

What can you do with old protein containers?

What can you do with old protein containers?
Source: Supplement Helper

So you’re training regularly, building muscle and really getting through the protein shakes – but there’s one little problem. There’s a mountain of empty whey protein containers in the backyard.

If you’re creative, there are lots of things you can do with these empty whey protein containers. Here’s some suggestions from the practical to the slightly bizarre to get you started.

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How to bulk up on a budget

Bulk up on a budget

On budget biceps

More people than ever are working out these days and gyms have never been so popular.

You’ve bought your gym membership, supplements and the extra food you need to build muscles. You might be bulking up, but your wallet might feel considerably lighter.

Here are our top tips for how to keep the expenses down and bulk up on a budget.

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Is it ever good to gain weight?

Measuring tape surrounded a pretty big beerbelly

Who wants to GAIN weight?

Dieting is extremely popular, especially come summertime when people are on a quest for the perfect beach body. But not everybody is slimming — quite the opposite.

Some are actively trying to gain weight; you heard it correctly, some people want to gain weight. Gaining weight doesn’t always mean overweight, unhealthy and unmotivated. In fact putting on weight can actually be healthy and positive — especially if you fit into one of the following groups of people.

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