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How To Fix Your Deadlift

how to fix your deadlift

An article by Liam Browne

One of the big three, the deadlift is as much about raw power and strength as any other exercise. Pick it up, put it down. But it is not that simple, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos online of people with poor technique at risk of injuring themselves.

I posted a video a fair while back deadlifting 200kg for 2 reps. I believed the form to not quite be right, so took to the internet for help. What I was met with was some harsh comments, sprinkled with some positive, constructive feedback. Then I was offered a place on a deadlifting seminar at Structure sport and Fitness in Sheffield with Lee Dubois and Ian Thistlewood.

This is what I learnt.

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How to Fix Your Squat

how to fix your squat

A special post by Liam Browne

The squat is one of the staple movements in most, if not all workout plans. Whether you’re building all out power, building muscle mass or improving athletic performance, the squat is one of the big 3 that should be used.

Although the squat is such a popular exercise, it does come under a lot of scrutiny in how it could be performed. Every aspect of the squat is thrown into question, how deep should I go? Where do my hands need to be? How wide should my stance be? Where do I point my toes?

Let’s look at the answers!

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