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How to measure body fat

Measuring fat loss

How can you measure body fat percentage?

Body fat percentage (BF%) is pretty self explanatory, it’s simply the percentage of fat on your body.

Many trainers like to track their BF% during fat loss as a measure of progress, but getting reliable results can be tricky.

Read on to find out how much body fat you should have, and the best ways to calculate it.

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5 reasons female bodybuilders are awesome

Muscled woman against the scratched grunge background

Bodies of steel

Last week we posted some pics of the ‘Young the buff and the beautiful’, among the budding bodybuilding stars we featured some women.

Some of the comments we received in response were negative, to say the least. It’s a free country – you can think what you like – but here are some pretty good reasons to see the positive in what these women are doing.

Female bodybuilders are awesome, because they…

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What are supplements?

What are dietary supplements?

What are dietary supplements?

Looking to boost training performance to achieve your fitness goals? Interested in the health angle? Or simply curious to know more about the plethora of dietary supplements on the market today?

Sportsmen and women take supplements to supply the body with additional nutrients needed during training. Others might take them to aid recovery from illness or injury. Some take a supplement to make up for nutrients lacking in their diets.

Knowing what to take, why you’re taking it and how it works is key to making the most of your healthy training regime.

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Yoga – not just for hippies!

Woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

Get your om on!

Cue the wind chimes, cue the New Age mysticism, cue the humus and the mung bean salad; we’re talking yoga, tai chi and meditation.

And that’s just for starters. It turns out practices we used to think were for just for hippies are for us too.

If you’re into your weights, you need to give serious thought to complementing your training with techniques to build flexibility and focus into your workout regime. Heck, even ballet is in the mix.

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Weird fat loss tips (that actually work)

Muscular man measuring his muscles

Follow these simple tips

It’s probably an awkward question, but how’s your New Year’s resolution going?

The truth is most people ditch theirs somewhere between January and March. But if that’s you, don’t despair, the good news is you can always try again – and lots of people do.

A new survey from the United States, reveals that March now tops January as the most popular time to join a gym. So if you’ve faltered in your quest to get active in 2014, never fear, now is the time to try again.

To help you reach your fat loss goal, we’ve come up with some top strategies to help you keep your fat loss resolutions.

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6 apps to get you lean, ripped & ready for summer

fitness, sport, training, gym, technology and lifestyle concept - smiling woman with smartphone

Stay on track with these apps

Getting fit, building the body you want, achieving your training goals – it takes discipline, grit and determination to get where you want to go.

And to help you on your way, there’s the phone in your pocket.

Here we take a look at some of the best fitness app out there. They won’t get you in shape, but they’ll give you the tools you need in a fun, user friendly format.

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Golden GB sports heroes you’ve never heard of

Lizzy Yarnold GB skeleton racer 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi

Image source: British Skeleton
We know Sochi Team GB, but what about these stars

One gold, two silver and one bronze medal for Team GB at Sochi; the best ever results for British athletes at the winter olympics.

It’s a triumph for UK sport and a cause of celebration for a waterlogged nation. But prior to the games, who knew the names of our top athletes?

Here, to celebrate the successes of Lizzy Yarnold, Jenny Jones and our curling teams, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest British athletes you might never have heard of.

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