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Could you live without whey protein?

Whey Protein Shake

Enjoyable, effective and economical!

None of us can live without protein – we need proteins for every single function our bodies perform.

In the West, our average daily dose of protein is 50g. But if you train hard and want your body to repair and build muscle tissue, you’ll need to take in around 150-200g per day. That’s a lot of protein to take in from food alone.

Many bodybuilders supplement their diets with whey protein. A whey protein shake contains around 40g of protein, so adding 3 shakes to your daily diet will get your protein consumption to where you need it.

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99 Fit female celebs & their body secrets

99 Celebrity Body Secrets

Check them out…

Here’s our pick of the world’s fittest female celebrities.

These women are not just incredibly beautiful, they are fitness machines and an inspiration to all of us.

They’ve got willpower, stamina and determination like you can only dream of. Luckily for you, we’ve scoured the web for their training, diet and supplements secrets. We know, we’re good to you!

Ladies, we salute you…

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5 reasons you aren’t hench yet

Nerd guy raising a dumbbell

Still not hench?

Been doing all you can do and you’re still not hench?

Here’s the scenario: you’ve been training long and hard for months. You’re eating a lot. You’re packing the protein. You’re taking all the right supplements. You’re lifting harder and harder. But you’re getting nowhere.

Maybe you’re making one or more of these 5 training mistakes.

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Bonkers diets of 2014

portrait of young man grimacing

Think we’ll be avoiding these!

Summer’s on it’s way and it won’t be long before we start worrying about our beach bellies.

Soon, every newspaper, magazine and lifestyle blog will be pushing the latest in crash diets – each claiming to help you shed 10 lb a minute.

In anticipation of the madness, we bring you the worst of this year’s bonkers diets.

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Sweat yourself happy

Woman in gym lifting weights

Exercise for happiness!

We all know that working out is a great way to keep our bodies fit and healthy. But did you know that exercise is just as important for the health of our minds?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re celebrating the incredible power of exercise to keep us fit in mind as well as in body.

And the benefits are endless. Exercise can make you happier, more positive, cleverer and even sexier. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sweat yourself happy.

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The young, the buff and the beautiful

Muscular Bodybuilder Guy Doing Exercises With Dumbbells Over Black Background

Teenage Bodybuilders

They’re young, they’re beautiful and man, are they ripped. Welcome to the world of teenage bodybuilding.

Think you know teenagers? Think again – these kids are a breed apart. Young bodybuilders trade lie-ins and binge drinking for 4am gym workouts and crazy calorie consumption. They live and breathe for their passion – lifting weight.

We’ve picked ten inspirational young body builders from around the world to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these new contenders.

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Freaky fitness fads of the famous

boy screams opening the mouth

That’s just weird!

You want an A-list body, so you need an A-list fitness regime – right?

Well, maybe. You might aspire to a red carpet bod, but could you really embrace a Hollywood workout? The buff and the beautiful dedicate serious time and cash to their physiques. And some of their fitness regimes go way beyond bizarre.

We’ve uncovered strange fitness secrets behind some of the most beautiful bodies in La La Land. So if you want to know how Matthew McConaughey got so ripped or what Jennifer Aniston did to get stripper-fit, then read on for fitness inspiration – Hollywood style.

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