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How to work out your macronutrients

Lots of protein

Lots of protein
Source: Minute Rice

It is an almost universally accepted truth that the majority of hard work involved in bodybuilding is dieting.

Sure, we repeatedly put ourselves through massive amounts of pain in the gym – breaking down our muscles, pushing our bodies as far as they can go – but it’s the actions you take after you leave the gym that will determine whether or not you’re going to be building muscle. Simply put, it’s all about nutrition.

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Beginners Guide to Shedding Fat

Fat man in gym landscape

If he can try, so can you

One of the hardest body battles many face is shedding fat. Millions of people every year embark upon fad diets, extreme exercise regimes and even resort to over the counter weight loss pills. Unfortunately, the majority of these options won’t work as a sustainable measure.

But why is this? Some people may see great initial results from fad diets, but the weight often rapidly rebounds and leaves them back at square one.

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How to build the ultimate chest


Cable cross over
Source: Muscle Maximizer

There is a good reason social media sites are flooded with “international chest day” updates every Monday.

Possessing a big, well sculpted chest is the dream of many trainers out there, and for good reason – it is one of the most readily visible indicators of all your hard work, and with proper training and diet a very aesthetic look can be achieved.

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Complete guide to weight gain supplements

Bodybuilder back lifting dumbells on black background.

Someone who knows about weight gain.

One of the hardest parts of building a better physique is gaining weight.

Realising the sheer volume of calories required to add mass can be a daunting prospect, especially taking into account the high levels of protein a typical bodybuilder needs.

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Beginners Guide to Bulking Up

skinny man and hench blokes

Which one needs to bulk we wonder?

Bulking up is an issue many slim beginners struggle with. There is so much to learn about the fundamentals of adding muscle mass, it is no wonder so many gym newbies find it a daunting prospect.

However, there are some essential basics that once mastered will see pounds of muscle added to your physique regularly. The most important aspects of bulking is:

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The battle of whey protein – concentrate vs. isolate


It’s all about whey-ing up the options

It is well established that supplementation with whey has massive benefits to any aspiring bodybuilder, but what’s the difference between concentrate and isolate?

Which is superior quality, which provides the most health benefits, and which packs in the most protein?

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