3 benefits of micellar casein protein

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There are many different protein powders available, from many different protein sources. Knowing what the differences are, and why each powder is different can therefore be confusing.

But don’t worry. That’s why we’re here, and today’s topic is casein. Known for its slow release, as well as an arguably confusing pronunciation, it is often overlooked.

We think it is a great supplement, and here’s why.

High quality protein

Casein is one of the highest quality protein sources you can add to your diet. Meeting your minimum protein requirement is always the primary goal, but if you take in higher quality protein sources, a greater percentage of it can be used for muscle building and restorative purposes.

Next time you’re shopping around for a protein powder make sure you stock up on a micellar casein protein powder. Although pure casein protein may not be ideal after a workout to feed the muscles immediately, it is an unbeatable protein source to use throughout the day or at night when you need a prolonged amino acid release.

Whey protein is absorbed much faster than micellar casein, but the anti-catabolic properties of casein are well documented. So if you are supplementing with protein powder, a combination of the two can be ideal.

Greater fat loss

Casein protein has a higher % of calcium which enhances its body composition effects. A study conducted by the international journal of obesity.[1] shows that subjects who combined a high elevated calcium intake with normal protein intake over 24 hours increased energy expenditure by approximately 350kJ, versus subjects who consumed low calcium and normal protein; and high calcium and high protein.

Muscle maintenance

When aiming for fat loss and following a calorie restricted diet, one of the main concerns for individuals is the fear of losing muscle mass. After all, why would you want to do all the hard work and then lose all those precious gains when you diet?

This fear does have some logic, when you enter a calorie deficit diet you’re obviously taking in less energy than your body is expending, which forces your body to convert stored tissues into energy. Ideally this is fat! But the fear of muscle damage will always be there.

To help decrease the likelihood of your hard earned muscle diminishing during a cut, it is believed casein protein supplementation can maintain a higher total percentage of lean mass.

[1] Astrup, A. et al. (2005). Effect of Short-Term High Dietary Calcium Intake on 24-h Energy Expenditure, Fat Oxidation, and Fecal Fat Excretion. International Journal of Obesity. 29, 292-301.

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