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Some seriously enviable bodies

Bodybuilding is a sport like no other. It requires intense dedication, scrupulous nutrition, hour upon hour in the gym and no excuses.

And that’s not to mention all the shaving, tanning and posing involved!

We’ve rounded up our favourite bodybuilder bloggers to give you an insight into what it takes to become a professional.

Get ready to see some serious dedication…

Rene Campbell

Rene Campbell

From slim to ‘bigorexic’

“I am always pushing forward, believing in myself and never giving up” writes self declared ‘bigorexic’ Rene Campbell.

She went from a size 8 distance runner to an accomplished bodybuilding in five years, and now chomps her way though 4000 calories a day to maintain her new size.

Her blog is full of tales about her life as a competitive bodybuilder, whether she’s talking about preparing for the next show or the latest TV ad she’s in, it’s a guaranteed great read.

BB Giant

BB giant

Lost 7 stone in 6 months to compete

Self titled ‘Bodybuilding Giant’, Nate Rose, went from powerlifting to strongman before finally settling on his one true love: bodybuilding.

But it wasn’t an easy mission: “When I did my first bodybuilding comp I had to lose 7 stone which took me 6 months,” this included a super strict diet and daily cardio. Ouch!

BB Giant is a personal training diary that you can’t help but read, it draws you inside the world of competitive bodybuilding and lets you have a feel of what it takes to succeed. Largely, hard work and ceaseless determination.

Bayesian Building


Learn the basics in Bayesian

Bayesian refers to “the rational use of information: my work is data driven and evidence based.”

A graduate and personal trainer, Menno hopes this doesn’t impress you. “Paper credentials are valuable, but I prefer to let my articles speak for themselves.” We like his style!

Visit his blog to find out why stretching is BS and read his belly-achingly good parody on broscience.

Bodybuilding supplement blog

Bodybuilding supplement blog

A professional touch

Did you know that bodybuilding could have a negative effect on your nashers? And it’s all thanks the frequent eating, teeth whitening and clenching that bodybuilders have to do.

Check out the post to find out more on keeping your pearly white healthy. Founded by professional bodybuilder Greg Moore and written by a team of sports nutrition and bodybuilding experts, the blog provides readers with a solid foundation in nutrition, optimal performance, endurance, and supplements.

Damian Lee’s Tailored Fitness

damian lee

Going on holiday shouldn’t be an excuse

Off on your summer hols? There’s no need for your diet and training to go out the window.

Do like Damian and simply be uber prepared. He advises taking food onboard your flight, so say goodbye to tasteless, high-carb aeroplane food: “I packed my Tupperware containers with my usual Chicken, Potato, Veg. Steak Burger, Rice, Veg meals.” Nicely done!

As for eating out? “Lots of curries are cooked in Ghee or Oil, so I had a chat with the waiter and asked him if he could prepare any sauces without oil or Ghee and he was more than happy to oblige.”

Check out his post for more info on staying on track during your holiday.



Bodybuilder, fitness model and budding entrepreneur

Having trouble sleeping?

Lai Wee Kiat suggests a deep tissue massage, and writes that they “can really help us athletes who push our body to its limits.” As well as loosening you up, a massage can improve blood flow, increase joint flexibility as well as promote tissue regeneration.

As a bodybuilder, fitness model and budding entrepreneur, Lai Wee Kiat is full of useful tips like this from a beginner bodybuilders guide to dieting to an interviewing with 8-time winner of Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding legend Ronnie Coleman.

Lincolnshire Bodybuilding

Lincolnshire bb

Plans to put local BB on the national map

Ever wondered what it would take to become a powerlifter for England? Check out Lincolnshire Bodybuilding’s interviewing with Luke Dixon, who has placed at every comp he’s entered.

Ran by former Mr. Great Britain, Laurie Carr and photographer Miles Collins, Lincolnshire Bodybuilding is well set to put local bodybuilding on the national map.

As well as keeping readers up-to-date with local comps and interviewing professionals, they even do the odd bodybuilder appropriate recipe post.

Georgia B Simmons

Georgia B Simmons

New but already accomplished

Despite only discovering bodybuilding a year ago, Georgia is already 2nd place National Champion place bikini competitor within the UKBFF. Now that’s going some!

In a recent post Georgie wants to dismiss the myth that “food should be bland, boring, dry, and served in hamster sized portions out of a Tupperware, and that in order to be a bodybuilder you must also be starving hungry” and says “the lower you cut your calories the less responsive your body becomes as your metabolism grinds to a halt.” Rather counterproductive, then.

Check out her guest post courtesy of WPF Mr Universe, Neale Cranwell on the consequences of physical competition – a great insight.

Kevan Wilson

Kevan wilson

One of the UKs top masters 50+

“It’s a sadistic kind of pleasure but feeling tired and hungry all of the time means that I’m doing everything right” says Kevan Wilson on preparing for his next show.

One of the UK’s top masters over 50’s bodybuilders, suffice to say he is clued up big time on all things bodybuilding so it’s time to sit down and pay some serious attention.

His blog is a wealth of information for any keen bodybuilder, so between his training updates and bodybuilding anecdotes you’ll learn plenty.

Rob Riches Blog

Rob riches

A fan of paleo

For years and years we ate a pretty limited diet of whatever we could get our hands on: meat, fish, berries, nuts and leafy veg. Rob argues we should return to this ‘Paleo’ way of life for our health, and to prevent disease.

He writes “one of the main reasons we even have these diseases (I’m talking about obesity, diabetes, food allergies, heart and cardiovascular problems) is due largely to the manufacturing of high commodity foods.” Not convinced? He’s got a delicious looking paleo approved cheesecake recipe!

As well as his love of all things primal, the blog documents his preparation strategy for comps, workout ideas and general approach: “Don’t just count the reps, make every rep count.” Hear hear!

Vegetarian Bodybuilder

vegetarian bodybuilder

Thought you needed meat? Think again

“Most bodybuilders today are brainwashed with ‘I must eat meat’ to build muscle. That simply isn’t true.”

From giving great advice on getting adequate protein (protein pancakes anyone?) to talking about the latest vegetarian events, this veg-crazy blog is a mecca for all vegetarians on a muscle building mission.

With a forum recently set-up, this blog is set to become the go-to destination for vegetarian bodybuilders everywhere.

Vegan Bodybuilding

vegan bodybuilder

Powered by plants

Thought getting bulky on a vegetarian diet was hard? Enter the Vegan Bodybuilder! Taking it one step further, vegans don’t eat any animal products, meaning popular protein sources such as milk, cottage cheese and whey protein are off the menu, as well as meat.

“I’ve trained people for going on a decade now. I have had no trouble helping people gain muscle, lose fat or improve their health while eating plant-based.”

Their recent post on misunderstanding veganism in the bodybuilding world is an enlightening read and does a lot to smash plenty of the myths out there.

Vicky Bradley

vicky bradley

British finalist

After losing a phenomenal 22 lbs of fat in just six months, Vicky stepped on stage at a BNBF qualifier and took 1st place, securing her a place in the British Finals.

Not bad for a first go!

Despite setting it up just a few months ago, Vicky’s blog shows great promise and offers a fantastic glimpse into the world of a competitive bodybuilder. Keep up the great work Vicky!

Claire Harper

claire harper

Learn the secrets of the professionals

Sick of looking like you’ve been tango’d after every bodybuilding comp?

Claire’s got the answer: answer: “I have found that standing in the shower, massage in a layer of baby oil and then use a shower puff lathered in shower gel (I have found clinique soap to be the best so far) to scrub away” – bye bye fake tan!

A professional, natural bodybuilder Claire uses the blog to document her bodybuilding career and offer tips and advice for newbies to the sport.

Jonti Wilson


Super dedicated

Born with one leg, Jonti Wilson discovered bodybuilding and credits it, along with his family, for getting him through the tough times in his life.

Despite having to stop wearing his prosthetic leg due to a crumbling hip, Jonti works out twice a day, seven days a week. Now if that isn’t dedication, we don’t know what is!

So check out his blog pronto, and keep you up-to-date with his massively motivational progress as he continues to create his inspirational body.

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