46 Best body transformations tips

Best Body Transformation Tips

Load up on tips…

Want to get ripped, hench or just plain healthy? Listen up.

From slimming down to bulking up – and everything in between – these guys have undergone some seriously impressive transformations.

We’ve compiled their best tips into one big collection, so you can follow their advice and start your own epic transformation story.

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Body Transformation Shane Kelly

Shane went from posing to pumped.

1. Stay strict

80% of any transformation is diet, so you have to be strict with yourself.
Liam Heaton

2. Keep pushing and trying

After 3 months and a 3 stone weight loss, I decided to join a local karate club to compliment what I was doing at the gym. This had a massive positive effect on both my mind and body. The philosophy of Kyokushin karate is to keep pushing and trying, even when you feel you can do no more. This message has spurred me on on countless occasions.
Rich Stafford

3. Be an early bird

Every morning consisted of waking up before the kids, taking my supplements and doing 30-40 minutes of fasted cardio. Then I would go to work during the day, and workout with weights at night.
Alistair Wilson

4. Right attitude

Stay focused and positive!
Shane Kelly


Body Transformation Marian Toth

Marian’s transformation inspired his friends and family to make changes.

5. Concentrate on main lifts

I’ve moved on to a gym with more weights and am concentrating on 4 main lifts: dead, squat, bench and standing behind the neck press.
Ashley Stockton

6. Mix it up

I implemented different methods of training – GVT, pyramids and power lifting. Through all of this, I managed to build up some good muscle size and then I moved onto more high intensity level training (HIIT) and crossfit workouts to get leaner.
Marian Toth

7. MI40

The workout I do now is from a bodybuilder called Ben Pakulski and is called MI40. It’s all about time under tension and I can really see some impressive gains from using it.
Craig O’Brien

8. Work opposites

I work opposites to get maximum results. For example, on chest days I also do biceps, as the chest workout engages triceps during the set.
James Clark

9. 3 way split

I started with the most common 3 way split training – chest and triceps, shoulders and legs, back and biceps – and changed my fitness programme every 6 weeks.
Marian Toth

10. Lift heavy, real heavy

I trained my body in splits, and lifting heavy – real heavy. I trained around 6-10 reps for around 50 minutes.
Alistair Wilson


Body Transformation Craig OBrien

Craig dropped 11 inches from his waist over a year.

11. It won’t happen overnight

Losing 4 stone 6 pounds doesn’t just happen overnight. This took months of preparation and lots of dedication. It meant getting up early before school, eating the right nutrients and staying motivated, and eventually I achieved my goal.
Liam Heaton

12. Persistence and patience is key

Be patient with the results, make sure you train with some intensity and don’t just mindlessly throw the weights around. Learn to control the weight, be persistent with it and create goals, so you can give yourself something to work towards.
Craig O’Brien

13. It’s a waiting game

Massive fat loss is a waiting game, but once you’ve got over the first hurdle – which for me, was seeing results – you’re on your way to a successful journey.
Liam Heaton


Body Transformation Kim Bowman

Kim picked up the weights and lost five stone.

14. Find your motivation

A message to all ladies: if I can do it so can you! Never dream too big and keep at it. I found buying myself new gym wear every time I lost weight was a massive motivator. I felt great and never gave up, but remember: it doesn’t happen overnight.
Kim Bowman

15. Pick up the weights

I love the way figure models look and explained this to my personal trainer who put me on a weight based fitness plan. I now do an hour of weights and then an hour of cardio at least 7 times a week.
Amy Champion


Body Transformation Michael Black

Michael is a big fan of matrix anabolic protein.

16. Diet Whey

The main supplement I would recommend to anybody inspired by my achievements, would be diet whey protein. A diet whey protein shake can replace a meal.
Liam Heaton

17. Micellar Casein

I do use supplements to aid my diet, in particular PHD Pharma Whey HT+ strawberry cream (tastes amazing) and also micellar casein as my night time shake.
James Clark

18. Anabolic Protein

I consumed 2 Matrix anabolic protein shakes throughout the day.
Michael Black

19. Pre-workout

I also liked using pre-workout to give me a caffeine and energy boost. I’d also recommend BCAA’s and fat burners in your diet, both of which I used.
Liam Heaton

20. Bedtime shake

I drink protein shakes after a gym session and before bed.
Kim Bowman


Body Transformation James Clark

A marriage breakdown spurred James’ transformation on.

21. Mix it up

I kept mixing things up to keep it fresh, I tried hill runs, HIIT, rugby training, boxing work, and long duration runs.
Gareth Clement

22. Cycle, Forrest, cycle!

I started out cycling about 10 miles a trip at first, but I turned into the cycling equivalent of Forrest Gump! Before long I was knocking out 50 milers on the weekend, and the evenings I didn’t have my daughters I’d be doing 25 miles. I was easily racking up more than 100 miles a week.
Ashley Stockton

23. Always do cardio

I always do cardio. I start with 5 minutes on the treadmill, then 3000m on the rowing machine to finish.
James Clark

24. Think outside the box

I also do some HIIT (tabatas) and work a heavy bag 2-3 times a week to maintain a good level of aerobic fitness. I avoid traditional cardio like the plague.
Ashley Stockton


Body transformation Richard Stafford

Wow! Richard dropped from 26 stone to 12 stone.

25. Eat complex carbs

I made sure to eat a few complex carbs throughout the day, such as brown rice, mixed nuts and dried fruits.
Liam Heaton

26. Cutting? Calorie deficit.

Throughout the whole year of cutting I ate in a caloric deficit.
Craig O’Brien

27. Keep a diary

I kept a food diary that my trainer would read this every week, and tell me what to do to improve. It’s now my way of life, so I no longer keep the diary.
Amy Champion

28. Prioritise water and protein

Plenty of water and protein! I went for the classic 6 small meals a day, 3 food and 3 shakes, whilst ensuring I had at least 220g of protein daily.
Matt Hardy

29. Bye bye junk food

I jumped in feet first and altered my diet accordingly; swapping junk food and takeaways for good quality sources of protein, carbs and fats.
Alan Crutch

30. Snack on nuts

My diet mostly consists of lean meats, fruits and vegetables, eating every 2 hours and snacking (If I want) on cashew nuts.
James Clark

31. Forget fads

Fad diets? I’ve tried them all and no luck!
Kim Bowman

32. Switch tea

As part of the diet I also made a lot of subtle changes like changing to green tea instead of normal tea. Little but ones I felt make a big difference.
Rich Stafford

33. Think for yourself

Diet was the hardest part. I bounced from fad diet to shakes and pills, but nothing seemed to work. So I decided to research my own diet. I tweaked and changed the diet to suit my needs and found I was eating a lot more than before, but it mainly consisted of small meals of vegetables, fruit and a lot (and I mean a lot!) of eggs and chicken.
Gareth Clement

34. Eat clean

Clean eating and whey protein was (and still is) essential.
Marian Toth

35. Think outside the box

Once I cut down, my body no longer craved the bad foods. I ate clean for a few months and drank a lot of herbal tea which seemed to boost my metabolism!
Kim Bowman

36. Be strict

I follow a strict no gluten, low carb, high protein diet. It was not easy to begin with and I took a while to adjust to it.
Amy Champion

37. Small and frequent

I ate 5-6 small meals a day, usually every 2-3 hours, and drank 3 litres of water a day.
Chrissy Feenan


Body Transformation Alistair Wilson

With a new baby on the way, Alistair decided to get healthy.

38. Be precise

My diet was completely regimented. To me the diet is always 70% of the battle. I use macros to get my exact protein and carb amounts for my size to fuel my muscles.
Alistair Wilson

39. Protein is crucial

The most important macronutrient for me was protein. Protein is crucial as it helps the repair and growth of your main muscle groups, which you will be using daily whilst on this kind of diet. Chicken, tuna and egg whites all worked well for me.
Liam Heaton

40. Eat tactically

I only really ate a carbohydrate meal around my workout, the rest of the day I would eat protein and healthy fats.
Craig O’Brien

41. Don’t be scared of food

Fats and carbs aren’t your enemies!
Kim Bowman

Stay Sane

Body Transformation Ashley Stockton

Ashley swapped larger and ciggys for cycling and weights.

42. Cheat

I allowed myself one cheat MEAL a week, always on Friday evening.
Matt Hardy

43. Think right

I used to eat food out of boredom and greed, but now I eat food and think of it as fuel for my body.
Craig O’Brien

44. What works for you

There’s the issue of information overload. The internet has every training program and diet theory ever invented, so sorting the wheat from the chaff is difficult, but it’s about finding what works for you.
Ashley Stockton

45. Eat ice cream

I had treats such as protein ice cream. I made this by mixing Matrix anabolic protein in mint choc with low fat Greek yogurt, freezing it and then you’ll have some amazing ice cream that stops the sweet tooth. As well as “ice cream” I used Matrix pancake mix and protein cookies to satisfy sweet cravings.
Alistair Wilson

46. Remember!

You’re only as old as you’re feeling!
Ashley Stockton

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