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So many awards..kind of…

As many of you will know, we recently ran what we called “The Suppies.” You guys voted like it was going out of fashion!

Of course there can only be one winner in each category, even though the voting was close in a few instances.

So, in support of transparency and all that, here’s how you voted!

Best Protein Powder – Matrix Alpha Test

The first of 4 awards for Matrix Nutrition, and perhaps the daddy of them all as far as supplements are concerned. Matrix Alpha-Test is an all in one protein blend, which is designed around testosterone boosting science. This then creates a better anabolic state.

This is how you voted.

Matrix Alpha-Test: 51.47%
Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard: 30.88%
Reflex Nutrition Natural Whey: 14.71%
PVL Mutant Whey: 2.94%

High Protein Meal of the Year – Natural Performance – Indian Style Beef

This one was close! But just leading the opposition was a take on one of Britain’s favourite meals; curry!

Here is how you voted.

Muscle Mousse Dessert: 33.82%
Dr Zak’s High Protein Pasta: 16.18%
Sports Kitchen 2:5:1 Recovery Meal: 13.24%
Natural Performance Meals – Indian Style Beef: 36.76%

Best Nitric Oxide Booster – BSN NO Xplode

We had a feeling it would win, but we didn’t think it would be so close. BSN NO Xplode is one of our bestselling nitric oxide powder options, and it shows in the votes, even if the competition was close.

Let’s take a look.

Matrix Nutrition Rage NO Pump Xtreme: 39.71%
BSN No Xplode: 44.12%
MaxiMuscle Pump Up: 13.24%
Reflex Nutrition NOS Fusion: 2.94%

Best Protein Bar – Matrix Nutrition Flapjacks

A runaway winner. Our warehouse is stock full of goodies, but a lot of space goes to Matrix Nutrition Flapjacks, because you guys love them so much. Full of protein, with very little sugar, they also taste great and are a regular treat in the offices here.

The vote breakdown.

Matrix Nutrition Flapjacks: 45.59%
Quest Bars: 19.12%
PHD Diet Whey Bars: 14.714%
CNP Flapjacks: 20.59%

Best Pre-Workout – Matrix Nutrition Rage 3.0 Rampage

BSN NO Xplode nearly pipped it to the line, but as pre workout supplements go, Rage 3.0 Rampage has already proved to be a big success.

Here’s the votes.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre-Workout: 17.65%
Matrix Nutrition Rage 3.0 Rampage: 41.18%
Nutrex Hemo Rage Black Ultra: 8.82%
BSN NO Xplode: 32.35%

Best RTD – MaxiMuscle Maxi Milk

RTDs, or ready to drink protein shakes are a convenient way to get protein in you, and in our vote, there was one clear winner.

How you voted.

MaxiMuscle MaxiMilk: 51.47%
Reflex Nutrition Whey Refresh: 19.12%
CNP ProSLAM: 7.35%
MET-Rx RTD 55: 22.06%

Best Muscle Building Product – Kong Test Booster®

If Kong® had lost, he’d have been an angry animal. So maybe that is why you voted for him. This revolution in testosterone booster technology has really made a mark on the supplement world.

It was a close one…

MET-Rx Hardcore ZMA: 13.24%
Grenade® AT4: 33.82%
PharmaFreak Test Freak: 17.65%
Kong Test Booster®: 35.29%

Best Fat Loss Supplement – Matrix Nutrition Night Shredder

Unlike other fat loss supplements, Matrix Night Shredder can be taken at night, because it is non stimulant. It also aids with sleep, making it one of the most innovative fat burners in years. And that, is why it won.

The fat burner vote.

Animal Cuts: 14.71%
Matrix Nutrition Night Shredder: 41.18%
Grenade® Thermo Detonator: 32.35%
MET-Rx Thermo Crush®: 11.76%

Best Training Accessory – SmartShake XL

Perhaps the start of the clever shaker movement, SmartShake makes your life a lot easier when you workout. It wasn’t a clear cut win, with MaxiMuscle wrist straps giving the SmartShake a run for its money.

The vote breakdown.

MaxiMuscle Wrist Straps: 29.41%
Spider Bottle Maxi: 11.76%
Matrix Nutrition Shaker: 26.47%
SmartShake XL: 32.35%

Best Meal Replacement Powder – CNP Pro-MR

CNP Professional are very good at meal replacements. Their connection with TeamSky is case and point. But it wasn’t a Sky product that won! Instead, another of their products just eked a victory.

The final votes.

Matrix Nutrition Monster Protein: 36.76%
CNP Pro-MR: 41.18%
Nutrisport MRP: 14.71%
CNP Team SKY Porridge: 7.35%

Final word…

Thanks to everyone who voted. We are going to announce the stats from our “question of form” vote soon. So eyes peeled!

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