Top 10 blogs by fabulous fitness models

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Fitness model blog

Fitness models – our favourite kind of model!

Being fit has never looked this good! But don’t go thinking it’s all lycra and photo-shoots, oh no. It takes bucket loads of sweat, endless determination and super clean nutrition to get a body like this.

As well as their perfectly honed physiques, this bunch of fitness models blog about everything from macronutrients to magazine covers.

So sit back and prepare to look ‘n learn.

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra Wilson

Alexandra loves competing

Could you pack on 8 lbs of muscle in just 20 weeks? That’s what fitness model Alexandra did for her first bikini competition.

Always a fan of sport and fitness, Alexandra says that competing “gave me a new edge to my passion.” Her blog is a rich resource jam packed with posts sure to lure any fitness fanatic in.

Her recent article on hard gainers and hard losers argues that with the right nutrition and training plan, anyone can have the body they want. Now go pick up that barbell!

Ripped to shreds

Ripped to shreds

Model and fitness boffin Shaun knows his stuff

What do beef, cheating and zinc have in common? According to blogger Shaun Petafi, they’ll all help supersize your muscles.

In his recent post, ‘Advanced Nutrition Strategies to Supersize Your Physique,’ he lists twenty top tips for packing on the muscle like nobody’s business.

With posts on everything from delta sleep, tips from Arnold Schwarzenegger and the benefits of pancakes, this blog is essential reading for gym junkies everywhere.

Natasha Murray

Natasha Murray

A self-confessed muscle barbie

A few years back fitness model Natasha Murray would starve herself for up to two days at a time. As a result she weighed just six and a half stone.

Now, things couldn’t be more different. The self confessed ‘muscle barbie’ loves her new lifestyle: “My hair doesn’t fall out. I’ll probably live longer. I’m much fitter.” Natasha can’t believe all the tasty treats she used to deny herself: “Definitely no food issues here now. I love my food!”

Check out her blog to see what it takes to become a professional fitness model, and muscle barbie!

Yellow Brick Road 2 Fitness

Yellow brick road

Follow Amy’s amazing progress

Some girls freak out if their body measurements and weight increase, but not blogger, Amy.  She’s over the moon when things creep upwards.

And with a bodyfat percentage of just 17.9%, we’re not surprised!

She is a bikini figure competitor with a serious penchant for all things fitness.  Her blog tracks her progress as she transforms herself day by day. There are also some great informative posts like, ‘The Myth About Weight loss’. Hint: you’re probably not eating enough fat.

Lee Constantinou


Magazine cover model

Despite placing an awesome fifth place at the WBFF European Fitness Championships this year, it’s not enough for blogger, Lee: “I am yet again driven to come back even better for the WBFF London show taking place in November.”

As well as competing, Lee models and is officially a magazine cover fitness model, with two covers under his belt.

You can expect only the best of expert advice from this blog, whether Lee is advising on macronutrients or telling you how to get a 6 pack.

Lindsay Jay


A CV of champions

This super accomplished sports model has worked with brands including Reebok, Adidas and Nike and was runner-up in the World Sports Model competition. As well as that she’s a personal trainer, yoga teacher and fitness presenter whose youtube channel attracted over 41 million views.

Now that’s a CV right there!

Her blog charts her progress within the industry as well as offering up a great range of health and fitness posts on everything from supplements to interviews.

Ru Wikmann


Ru will sculpt you

“In my childhood I was an unlikely candidate to ever win trophies due to my health issues.” But blogger Ru defied the odds and placed 3rd at his first ever fitness model comp.

He has since been shortlisted for World Sports Model and UK Best Male Model, and featured in adverts for Durex and Zaggora!

Self titled ‘The Sculptor’ Ru’s main focus is on helping others achieve their goals, through his personal training and blog. His latest post ‘Liquid Calorie Overdose’ will make you think twice about ordering cream on your iced mocha!

Emma Louise Burrows

Emma Louise Burrows

Champion Ms Bikini Competitor

Emma is a personal trainer who likes to lead by example by keeping her body in ‘optimum form’. Consequently she’s also a champion Ms Bikini Competitor and fitness model.

Her blog features interesting posts on everything from shedding pounds to making the best breakfast smoothies in the world.

She also runs an interview series called ‘ELB Superstar’, where she interviews inspirational folk. Taking oodles of “inner and outer strength, self belief, determination and dedication” to make it onto her list, it’s worth checking out.

Sean Lerwill

Sean Lerwill

Sean thinks you should spend less time in the gym

Think you need to spend every waking moment in the gym to make decent gains? Think again.

Fitness model and blogger Sean Lerwill thinks you’re wasting your time. “If you train intensely, you cannot train for hours on end. You need to stop, refuel and rest.” He reckons between 30 – 60 minutes of training is ideal, and says he averages about 50 minutes.

He was proved correct when his client, Ollie Ward won the ‘Maximuscle Protein Project’ with his less is more approach.

Zac Lyndon

Zac Lyndon

Zac knows his stuff

What’s high in citrulline, contains vitamins A and C and tastes delicious? Watermelon!

Zac reckons these super juicy fruits are the best way to stay hydrated during the summer months. Fitness model Zac is just not just a super buff bod: “I hold degrees in sport science and cardiac physiology, and I’m on my way to a third degree in medicine.”

His blog is great authoritative go-to spot for all things fitness.

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