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In the running for the best blogs…

From a blind man who runs ultras, to an ex-anorexic who credits running for giving her her life back, this bunch of brilliant bloggers are bursting at the seams with inspiration from start to finish.

And if you want the lowdown on running, there’s no better place to get it. Whether it’s shaving seconds from a PB or getting the nitty gritty on that race you just entered, this lot know their stuff.

They include sprinters and plodders, fans of 5ks and ultras, those that wear garmins and those that wear nicotine patches. There truly is something for everyone!

Now it’s time to hit the ground running…

Thoughts of an Ultra Runner

Can you imagine running for over 40 hours? Say hello to Chris Carver, who once ran 200 miles, running from Otley in Yorkshire to London.

This ultra-running connoisseur has also represented the UK at the World 24-hour running Championships coming a nifty 33rd overall and 3rd GBR man.

During the race he picked up several injuries including a “very bad big toenail”, a sprained ankle and a bleeding foot, but carried on regardless.

Talk about determination.

And adapt

Running ultramarathons is tough, running ultramarathons when you’re blind is nothing short of incredible. But that’s exactly what blind runner Simon Wheatcroft does.

It started with a tedious gap between college and work, Simon decided to take up a new hobby, you guessed it, running. Through trial and error and the use of his smartphone, he memorised routes and was able to run unaided.

And the rest, as they say, is history!

Angry jogger

“I’m 210 pounds, 6’3″ and run with all the grace of a drugged elephant on heat.”

Meet Matt Waterworth, The Angry Jogger, a Belfast-based blogger who lost 6 stone through running. When he’s not out pounding the pavements, Matt can be found on his blog writing up hilarious anecdotes and inspiring ruddy-faced beginners world over.

His useful tips and self deprecating humour (“I look like a cross between a Labour back-bencher and a genderless librarian”) make for a winning combination in our books.

Marvellous Mimi

Mimi Anderson used running to beat her fifteen year struggle with anorexia, and in the process set three World Records.

She’s mad about ultra running: “I love the freedom it gives me, the space to be by myself, the beautiful countries I have had the privilege to race in, pushing the boundaries beyond what other people consider normal and lastly the people I have met along the way.”

There is just no stopping this 50-year-old with a penchant for pink and all things running!

Lazy Girl Running

Laura used to be a self confessed couch potato who’d sooner watch Eastenders than break a sweat: “just running for 5 minutes non-stop was a hard enough challenge”.

And now? She’s training for her seventh marathon.

Flick back and read up on her transformation from lazy girl to multiple marathon runner, inspiring and motivating for any wannabe runner.

Liz Goodchild

“I’m passionate about living life with balls-to-the-wall courage and illuminating intention,” something Liz Goodchild practice’s daily whether running a marathon or learning to drive on the motorway.

For something a tad more philosophical than your usual statistic run downs and race recaps, this ultra runner stroke life coach is your go-to lady.

Running Physio

Ever wondered if you should run through pain? Or just how much porridge you should cram down your gullet before a marathon?

Then physiotherapist turned blogger Tom Goom is your man. He writes on a range of physio issues that any runner worth their garmin ought to check out.

Self-confessed ‘recovering cheese addict’ Tom can be found dishing out advice on twitter too.

Warrior Woman

“My life was a little unbalanced, in that my love for all things cerebral seemed to prevent me from taking part in anything physical.”

Since then Warrior Woman has shifted seven stone and found a love of all things active.

A self proclaimed gadget freak, she’s your go-to-gal for all things gizmo related, whether its the latest piece of snazzy running software or the most motivating running book.

Terry Running On Empty

It was over 45 years ago that Terry decided to lace up his trainers and hit the road for his first run, and he’s got no intention of stopping yet. At 64, he’s ran over 100 marathons and still bashes out 50 miles a week with ease.

“I think old guys like me who refuse to stop running and racing are ‘sticking two fingers up’ to Father Time”.

During his running career, Terry suffered a series of collapsed lungs. But nothing could stop him running and he was back in his trainers just 6 weeks after surgery!

We do run run

If you’re new to the UK running blog scene, then you need to check this blog out stat.

It’s a collection of interviews with all sorts of runners and bloggers from around the UK. We do run run is the brainchild of Nicola Rowlands, who runs and also draws (though not simultaneously, she points out). Each runner interviewed explains how they got into running, why they love it, their essential running gear and top inspirational quote.

“Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.” Now go run!

Born To Plod

“I have teensy tiny little legs and a lung capacity that turned me into a wheezing crimson heap whenever I attempted a gentle jog of more than 50 metres.”

Blogger Jay Watts is not what you’d call a natural runner, but that hasn’t stopped him. This champion of non-runners is in it for the buzz of adventure.

With witty ramblings and lashings of self-depreciating humour, Jay is a truly likable fella and his blog is well worth a read.

Fair Weather Runner

“Motivation is what gets you started but habits keep you going.”

Rachel Bedford knows what it takes to go from ‘fair weather runner’ to committed athlete. Is this something she’s picked up from her regular British Military Fitness Sessions? Despite the blog’s name, this west London runner has been known to slog it out in all conditions, even running in the snow.

Fair Weather Runner is crammed full of race reports, reviews and a dash of realism too – let’s be honest – nobody really likes getting out of bed at 5am.

Full Stride

After Ross Anderson beat his eating disorder, running helped him regain fitness and maintain a healthy weight. Then he won the first race he ever entered and has never looked back.

Paul Stainthorpe used to hate running and dreaded Cross Country at school, now he runs races. Oh how things change!

The two keen runners joined forces to create ‘Full Stride’, a dedicated running blog with a team of eight runner-writers.

It’s written by runners for runners – a diverse bunch of all ages and abilities, meaning there is relevant content for reluctant joggers and seasoned marathoners alike.

Goldilocks Running

Med student Sarah Marsden is both blonde and a die-hard porridge enthusiast, hence the name.

She’s a newbie to the sport of running, but she’s already got some impressive times under her belt including a sub-2 half marathon.

Her blog features expert running Q&As, training updates and running related opinion pieces.

Hauling My Carcass

Tom Bailey describes himself as “not quite a runner, more someone that knew his 30’s was coming and had to do something about it.”

But he’s come on leaps and bounds since his first ‘horrible’ half marathon, and now bashes out a 10K in under 50 minutes frequently.

We reckon he has well and truly earned his status as a runner.

Haul that carcass, Tom!


Ever wondered how to motivate yourself to run in hot weather?

Why not take a leaf out of Helen’s book, “I ran a lazy mile and ate a strawberry split.”

A former bowler at international level, Helen has since set her sights on running. And boy, is she going for it.

In the last couple of years she’s completed a marathon and over half a dozen shorter races all in very respectable times.

Jog Blog

It’s surprising how many runners are former smokers and there is no better example then Cathy White: “I started running after stopping smoking. I started smoking at around age 11 because, er, I don’t know why…”

Cathy is also the whip behind Janathon and Junathon, in which she encourages other runners and bloggers to exercise and blog every day of the month.

It’s a tough challenge, but she’s on twitter to motivate, inspire and – lets be honest – nag the masses into sweating.

John Kynaston Ultra Running Diary

Last year this unstoppable 53-year-old completed Lakeland 100 (yep, that’s 100 for 100 miles) in just over 34 and a half hours.

It makes our legs ache just reading about it. John Kynaston loves nothing more than putting one foot in front of the next for miles on end and has completed 22 ultras (anything over a standard marathon) in the past seven years.

Cor blimey!

Running OK in the UK

We all need to rest after a half marathon, but 18 years? That’s how long it took blogger Ian to get over his first half.

Now he’s got a commendable collection of medals and is pushing full steam ahead for his third marathon this year.

As well as training chatter and running plans, Ian reviews the latest and greatest running gadgets and gizmos.

Simon Freeman

Ever wondered what it takes to be a fell runner? Read Simon freeman’s interview with Richard Askwith, author of “Feet in the Clouds”.

Simon’s done a stack of running related interviews with everyone from blind ultrarunner Simon Wheatcroft to olympic long distance runner Julia Bleasdale.

As for himself, in 2004 Simon was a running newbie who wanted to shift a few pounds and get fit. After a sub-3 marathon, it’s safe to say he’s smashed that goal.

Sore Limbs

Phil used to be a clinically obese smoker who liked nothing more than a good drink. And now? He runs marathons.

“I run mostly because I eat like a horse.” Phil burns off the calories in “The Worst Place To Run In The World”, a treadmill in his tiny garden shed. Check out his blog for the pictures!

Despite his achievements Phil remains resolutely down-to-earth and we can’t get enough of his light-hearted insight into the world of running.

Two Itchy Feet

Instead of buying a shiny ferrari, Jen decided to take up running to combat turning 30.

After overcoming a few running related injuries, this Brighton-based runner is now back up and running again.

The seafront promenade is her stomping ground of choice, and she keeps readers up to date with all her latest running shenanigans in her signature friendly tone.

Marathon Widow Diaries

Inspired by watching her husband complete race after race, Cat decided to give the whole marathon malarky a whirl and after 6 marathons it seems she’s hooked.

Cat’s favourite running quote is ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional’, which will come in handy as she’s in training for a 50 mile ultra race this Autumn.


Alongside the running, she’s set up a scrumptious looking recipe section too – anyone for Thai pork?

Marathon Mercer

Sick of sweating on a tube or facing gridlock traffic every morning?

Try running to work, like Surrey based blogger Chris, who describes his daily commute as a ‘luxury’.

Chris might have only completed his first marathon a couple of years ago, but this challenge-hungry runner is now gearing up to bash out 100 miles at the North Downs Way 100 later this year.

Tiny Runner

Since taking up running in 2012, Autumn is on a mission: “I’ve well and truly been bitten by the running bug and I’m looking to infect as many people with it as possible”

This little Lancashire based runner has also just signed up for her first marathon and is using the blog to chart her journey from “fearful beginner to confident competitor and beyond”.

Life Laura London

What better way for a runner to explore a new city then by running it? Well Canadian expat Laura is doing just that in London.

As well as hitting the pavement and soaking up the culture London has on offer, Laura likes to eat, specifically pies.

Totally justified, considering her latest challenge is a duathlon: 10k run, 40k bike and a 5k run.

We predict achy legs!

Fit Bits

It took Tess a long time to like exercise: “I held on pretty hard to the fags, beer and junk food whilst flirting ferociously with various half-used gym memberships”.

She would smoke on the way to the gym, do a 20 min run, then leave fag in hand “convinced that by the morning I’d be a dress size smaller.”

Now fully immersed in the world of fitness Tess has completed a few races and is signed up for marathon next year.

You can do it Tess!

I Eat Therefore I Run

With the tagline “One glutton’s way of having her cake and eating it too,” it hard not to take a shine to Danielle.

A Canadian ex-pat living in Scotland, Danielle is also a keen cook and you can find a hoard of scrumptious recipes on her blog, perfect for carb loading before a long run.

She writes: “I find it hard to relate to more serious, experienced and elite runners, whose times and distances are out of reach for me,” making this blog the perfect spot to swing by if you’re new to the sport.

Malc’s Running Blog

From London to New York, Paris to Chicago – and even Rotterdam! – wherever you are, Malc has most likely ran a marathon there.

Inspired by his marathon-running dad, Malc took up running in his 20s and hasn’t looked back. Whilst he’ll run just about anywhere, he earned the nicknamed “Mountain Goat” for his skill at tackling hill runs. After scoring an impressive collection of PBs, “These days I run because I simply just love running, for the pure pleasure it brings me.”

His blog is full of wisdom that only comes with decades of running.

Mind Over Matter

Running, lifting heavy and raising two boys is a tough juggling act, but Mrs B has got it down to a fine art.

From reviewing the latest health drinks to sharing her recent race experiences, the blog is a goldmine for keen runners. As for the name ‘Mind Over Matter’? “It means mental strength required to run long distances, it means mental strength required to parent two little boys, it means mental strength required to survive the northern hemisphere winters.”

We hear you on the last one!

Miss Wheezy

“I run because I want to prove I can, as an asthmatic, and someone who hated running for the way it made me feel weak and incapable in school.”

Beki is proving her school days are far behind her and with plenty of races on the horizon this running newbie is now full of confidence “running makes me feel alive and proud of my body.”

Her blog is a great spot for newbies, plus she’s determined to popularise foam rolling “although painful, I believe it’s really helpful in massaging my muscles and working out any tightness.”

Naturally, Leah

This Kiwi living in London started her blog to track weight loss, and soon fell in love with documenting all things healthy.

A keen runner Leah has competed in countless races, and has most recently set up ‘Team Naturally Run’ to encourage wannabe runners to get involved with the sport.

As well as pounding the pavements, Leah enjoys yoga, gym classes and most recently tried out a Flying Trapeze Class.

Check her post to find out how it went.

Neil Lock

A web developer by day, a runner and blogger whenever else!

Neil’s been running for five years and has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that oozes from every blog post.

Whether he’s talking about the latest barefoot running craze, or discussing the Boston marathon bombs, his passion for the sport is obvious.

Six Seconds High

A qualified sports massage therapist, Simon Lamb is interested in all things running.

He’s particularly keen on exploring how sports massage can help athletes with everything from aches to depression.

If you’re interested in the more technical side of running be sure to check Six Seconds High out.

The Grim Runner

Stunning photography, heartfelt words and a passion for running is the best way to describe The Grim Runner.

Angus captures the feeling of being a runner with utter eloquence, after his last marathon he wrote: “Medals clunk round necks. I try and stretch and feel a strong need for sugary tea.”

A feeling anyone who’s completed a marathon will know all too well.

His monthly updates are a great source of inspiration and well worth checking out.

Veggie Runners

Mother-daughter duo Jayne and Bibi Rodgers run together, cook together and now they even blog together.

So how did it happen? “Mum used to chip away at me – ‘Fancy coming out on a run with me?” “Lovely day for a run” “All I want for mother’s day is for you to come for a run with me.” (SERIOUSLY!)” until Bibi decided to dust off her trainers and give it a go. Turns out she loved it!

They write detailed race recaps, post delicious veggie recipes and tackle bigger issues such as a body confidence.

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