Body Transformation: Alastair Wilson

Alistair Wilson

Before and after

Bodybuilding and fitness is a way for many people to get their lives back on track, and that couldn’t be more true than for Alistair Wilson.

Feeling down, depressed and overweight, he turned his life around, and became the best dad he could be.

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What is your fitness background?

I have always trained weights and lifted heavy, with the dream of getting on stage to do a show. However as you can see from my before picture, I fell off the track.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

My wife and I made a decision to have another child, we already had a six-year-old.

Two years before this I was in a really bad place both mentally and physically. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and put on all kinds of drugs. I didn’t want to leave the house; my motivation was terrible. I was piling on weight because I was used to eating lots of food when I trained, but I had stopped training and my diet was really indulgent. The result: my weight crept up to over 20 stone. But not only that, my breathing was bad, my skin was awful and my mood and self-esteem plummeted.

With the new baby on the way I wanted to be a dad my kids could be proud of. I wanted to be able to run around with them and show them a lifestyle full of healthy living and self-improvement.So I kicked the antidepressants and, with the support of my wife, made time for training and proper nutrition.

What was your training like?

Every morning consisted of waking up before the kids, taking my supplements and doing 30-40 minutes of fasted cardio. Then I would go to work during the day, and workout with weights at night. I trained my body in splits, and lifting heavy – real heavy. I trained around 6-10 reps for around 50 minutes.

I did my fasted cardio every day – no rest for me – and trained with weights 5 – 6 times a week depending on my work pattern.

What was your diet like?

My diet was completely regimented. To me the diet is always 70% of the battle. I use macros to get my exact protein and carb amounts for my size to fuel my muscles.

I had treats such as protein ice cream. I made this by mixing Matrix anabolic protein in mint choc with low fat Greek yogurt, freezing it and then you’ll have some amazing ice cream that stops the sweet tooth. As well as “ice cream” I used Matrix pancake mix and protein cookies to satisfy sweet cravings.

What supplements did you use?

In the morning I had BCAA’s, Green tea extract and caffeine.

My protein powder was the Matrix Anabolic Gold. This has loads of protein and very little carbs – exactly what I needed.

I also used a preworkout from Matrix called Rage 2.0.

How has your lifestyle changed?

It is a complete contrast to what I was like. Everything is so much easier now – I can run, my energy levels are up and my organisation with meals and schedules is great!

What challenges did you face?

The only challenges were with myself. When you have low-self esteem you focus on the bits you don’t like, and don’t notice the changes you are making.. That took a long time to get over, but when other people noticed, I started getting more and more confident.

How do you feel about your transformation?

I am happy, but I am not where I want to be yet. I want to get to competition level and scratch that off my bucket list!

What are your plans for the future?

Well firstly, just being a good dad would be fine. I am also in the process of setting up my own business – something I would not have had the guts to do a few years ago. Plus it means working with some outstanding fitness models – so inspiration is never too far away!

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I think it’s always important to acknowledge the people who support you so to my wife and kids, family and friends I have a heartfelt thank you. You were all there for me at a time when I had given up on myself, I was broken and you all put me back together again. I have been built back stronger from the mistakes I have made, I have been given a second chance I may not have had if I had kept going. It’s never too late to change.

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