Body Transformations: Alan Crutch

Alan Crutch before and after

Alan Crutch: before and after

The last body transformation got a great reaction from you guys, and Alan Crutch emailed in with his.

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Here is Alan’s story!

Tell us about your fitness background

My fitness background was mainly rugby for Ferndale and I went through phases in and out of the gym; in mainly in the summer and out in the winter. I never really ate healthy, often relying on fast food options when working and takeaways on the weekends.

I was quite injury prone when playing rugby and I made the decision in January 2013 to quit rugby after injuring my ankle which I’d had a few problems with over the years since breaking my leg. I could no longer afford time off work for rugby related injuries as I have a wife and 2 young children to support.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

An old family friend sent me a facebook message asking me to join him for a training session, he had been competing in natural bodybuilding competitions for a few years, so I agreed to join him for a session the next time he trained legs as I wanted to build the strength back up in my legs.

What was your training like during the transformation?

I joined him for a couple of (brutal) leg sessions and started asking about diet etc, he gave me some advice regarding diet and supplementation, so I jumped in feet first and altered my diet accordingly; swapping junk food and takeaways for good quality sources of protein, carbs and fats.

I started joining him a few days a week instead of just on leg days. After a few weeks I started noticing changes in my physique which is when I asked him about bodybuilding competitions, that is when I set myself the goal to compete in 2014 in the BNBF Welsh qualifier to give myself something to work towards.

My training split:
• Fasted cardio on exercise bike 30 mins every morning
• Monday: chest
• Tuesday:Shoulders and abs
• Wednesday: Arms
• Thursday: Legs
• Friday: rest day
• Saturday:Abs and calves
• Sunday: Back

What was your diet like during the transformation?

My diet at the moment is as follows:
Mon, Tue, Wed,Fri,Sun:

• 4 litres of water drank throughout the day
• 1 scoop of Scivation Xtend with pre fasted cardio, 2 CLA capsules with every meal
• Meal 1. Scrambled egg (6 whites, 2 whole)
• Meal 2. 1 scoop anabolic gold
• Meal 3. 60g brown rice, 250g chicken breast
• Meal 4 – 1 cup green beans, 250g chicken breast
• Pre workout. Nox pump
• Post workout. 1 scoop anabolic gold, 50g oats
• Meal 5. 100g peanut butter, 4 rice cakes.

• 4 litres water throughout day
• 1 scoop Scivation Xtend with pre fasted cardio
• 2 CLA Capsules with every meal
• Meal 1. Scrambled eggs(6 white, 2 whole)
• Meal 2. 1 scoop anabolic gold, 50g oats, 1 banana
• >Meal 3. 60g brown rice, 250g chicken breast
• Meal 4. 60g brown rice, 250g chicken breast
• Pre workout- nox pump
• Post workout – 1 scoop anabolic gold, 50g oats
• Meal 5. 100g peanut butter, 4 rice cakes

Saturday = cheat day!

How has your lifestyle changed through your transformation?

My lifestyle has changed enormously since this journey has started! No more junk food or takeaways (unless it’s a cheat meal on cheat day).

How do you feel about your transformation?

I feel a lot better in my own skin, I feel healthier and a lot happier with the reflection in the mirror. But this is just the first steps in a long journey and i’m looking forward to seeing where it will take me.

What are your future plans?

I’m entering my first bodybuilding competition on the 6th July 2014. My plans for the future are to keep training hard and eating healthy and in the future hopefully qualifying for the British finals and challenging for British titles. I hope my story can inspire others to chose a healthier lifestyle.

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