Body Transformations: Kim Bowman

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Finally! We have ourselves a body transformation from a lady. We’ve seen slouthernly men lose the flab, build muscle and in general change their life for the better. But now we have a story from a woman! Hurrah!

When we stumbled upon Kim Bowman and saw her before and after pics, we thought it’d be a great idea to help her tell her story, so here it is.

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What is your fitness background?

I have no fitness background whatsoever; I’ve never trained professionally nor do I have any fitness qualifications.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

I was in complete denial. I used to look in the mirror and feel my trousers getting tighter, but I refused to say to myself ‘I’ve put on weight’ until I started hearing others calling me ‘fat’. Then I started looking at myself properly and the realisation hit me – I really had put on a lot of weight.

I remember asking my boyfriend and friends to be honest with me and they were – it really hurt to begin with but it only pushed me harder to change myself and be who I really wanted to be!

What was your training was like?

To begin with it was really difficult, I was clueless on how to ‘burn fat’. I used to run a lot and I was losing the odd pound, very slowly and I must admit I did give up!

But then I decided to do some research and observe others. I started using weights, which was really intimidating to begin with. Especially when you don’t know what you’re doing – it can be embarrassing.

Now, I couldn’t care less! I’d like to say to ladies considering using weights, just do it – don’t be afraid and if you’re unsure, ask for help. You’ll be surprised by the amount of help you receive when you want to better yourself and learn.

What was your diet like?

To begin with I cut down a lot of fats. But I don’t think cutting them out altogether is the best option. Once I cut down and my body no longer craved the bad foods I ate clean for a few months and drank a lot of herbal tea which seemed to boost my metabolism! As for fad diets – I’ve tried them all and no luck!

Now I’m strict but I do have cheat days, I’ll never limit myself as I find I still lose the weight. My favourite foods are chicken, peanut butter, rice and rice cakes! Fats and carbs aren’t your enemies! Though if I’m going on holiday I will cut out carbs for 2 weeks beforehand.

What supplements did you use?

I drink protein shakes after a gym session and before bed. Sometimes if I’m on the move and I can’t cook I’ll have a protein shake. I also use pre-workout drinks to give me a boost like ‘blitz’ and ‘superpumpXXX’ from my local supplier ‘Body Mass Nutrition’ who give me a lot of advice! I also love Quest and Detour bars!

How has your lifestyle changed?

Massively! I love using twitter to share advice. I started out with about 8 followers, but this has gone up loads throughout my journey and I love each and every one. They’re all full of knowledge, and sometimes seek advice from me. I never thought I’d be in the position where people would ask me fitness and nutrition questions!

I also don’t drink as much as I used to, but I enjoy my life. I feel so much more active and receiving support and compliments pushes me further! I’m also doing a lot of charity events like a bikeathon and 3 peaks challenge.

What challenges did you face

I struggled to find out what my body could actually do and I found myself asking complete strangers to spot me whilst doing heavier weights, but everyone is supportive!

I also found I lost a lot friends along my journey as I stopped going wild and drinking my body weight in alcohol. However I have gained many new ones who are amazing and understand me.

How do you feel about your transformation

Brilliant! It’s by far the best thing I have ever done especially, when you’ve done all of the hard work by yourself and see the results. I take pictures weekly to see my change and it’s exciting!

What are your plans for the future

I would like to compete in the future but let’s see what I can achieve this year as the last year has been such a massive step for me losing the weight and toning.

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

A message to all ladies: if I can do it so can you! Never dream too big and keep at it. I found buying myself new gym wear every time I lost weight was a massive motivator. I felt great and never gave up, but remember: it doesn’t happen overnight.

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