Body transformations: Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

Not Matt Hardy of WWE

We recently asked you to email with your body transformations. And Matt Hardy (no not the one from the wrestling) got in touch.

So here is how he changed his body!

Tell us about your fitness background

I joined a gym in the summer of 2005, just as a general hobby. I didn’t take it seriously, had no idea about nutrition or the best ways to work out. Went along in this merry old world, going months at a time without actually going to the gym (nice way to flush £25 away every month).

Haven’t gone to college to study, everything I know is from Internet reading (and videos) and advice I’ve attained from qualified instructors.

Why did you decide to transform your body?

I moved to a new, better gym with excellent equipment in March 2013. The help of the PT trainers there, and the equipment they had actually made me start taking things seriously. So I’d spend hours a day, every week reading up on everything I possibly could, from nutrition, to routines, to diets. It wasn’t until the owner of the gym entered NABBA and came 2nd at the end of last year, that I realised it’s something I’d like to do myself, and from there I set myself a goal of being on stage in the future.

What was your training like during the transformation?

I’d hit the gym 6 times a week, for roughly an hour and half each session. 3 days a week I would go twice to get cardio in. My routine looked like this:

  • Sun – Cardio and Abs
  • Mon AM – Chest, PM – Cardio
  • Tues AM – Back
  • Wed AM – Arms, PM – Cardio
  • Thurs – Leg
  • Fri – Shoulders + Any part I wasn’t happy with.
  • Sat – Off.
  • On average, each exercise was at at least 4 sets, with a 10 – 15 rep range. Last set was always to failure, of at least 10 reps.

    What was your diet like during the transformation?

    Plenty of water and protein! I’d went for the classic 6 small meals a day, 3 food and 3 shakes, whilst ensuring I had at least 220g of protein daily. I avoided fats, and all junk food, allowing myself one cheat MEAL a week, always on Friday evening. I didn’t avoid carbs, although I did limit how many GI carbs I took in from evening onwards.

    How has your lifestyle changed through your transformation?

    I eat a lot healthier than I did before. I used to eat just about anything I wanted, whenever I wanted. Even if I wasn’t hungry. I now avoid as much as possible anything that’s deemed “bad” for you, and I stick to having the 6 small meals a day.

    Did you came across any stumbling blocks?

    Just temptation. I’d have diet slip ups here and there to start with, but they fade away the longer you go without.

    How do you feel about your transformation?

    I feel great, not ashamed of my bulbous gut! I feel I could have done a little better if I’d of restricted my cheat meals to one every 2 weeks, and added more cardio. I focused more on clean bulking than cutting, so I was a tad disappointed on the abs, but that’s something I can work towards at my own pace. Feel a lot more confident.

    What are your future plans?

    Cut up, get abs and slap on a load of bronzer and pose my ass off for thousands of adoring fans! Haha, really I’d just like to continue losing fat and building muscle, and if the right opportunity came up, make my way onto a stage and compete.

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