Breezing to the Commonwealth Games

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92kg-snatch Michaela Breeze92kg-snatch Michaela Breeze

Image source: Dame Kelly Holmes Trust
Michaela in action

Weightlifting isn’t just for boys. And if anyone has proved that it’s Commonwealth gold medalist Michaela Breeze MBE.

Athlete and gym owner Michaela has come out of retirement at the age of 35 for one more crack at the whip, and we have been lucky enough to catch up with her.

This is what she had to say!

First, tell us a bit about yourself?

In 2010, after an 18 year career on the international weightlifting circuit, I decided to call it a day. But I have come back for one more go! And this time is the last time.

I also coach and consequently will be going up against Christie Williams, one of my pupils!

Before owning a gym I was a P.E teacher, and I also qualified to become a sports massage therapist, allowing me to work with the liked of Tom Daley. I own and run Breeze’s Gym, and we were delighted to win the “Best Local Gym” award earlier this year.

What attracted you to weightlifting?

I started training to become more powerful for athletics, but quickly realised I would achieve more in weightlifting, hence my reason for sticking with it. The challenge of always being able to lift more which is where my motto “NoLimits” came from.

What is your training like?

Hard! 5 days a week. At the age of 35 it takes me about an hour to warm up properly, and after training I spend the following 2 hours focusing on recovery. This means, nutrition, ice baths, compression garments etc.


Image source: Techno Gym
Breeze working out in Breeze’s gym.

How does your training change for competitions?

The training volumes reduce significantly, but the weights lifted (intensity) stays high at 90%+ of my 1RM lifts.

Describe your normal diet
Brekky: Porridge with protein powder mixed in, topped with fresh blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, seeds and dried cranberries. Then a glass of Barocca and creatine to wash the the Omega 3s and multivits down.
Lunch: Chicken or smoked mackerel salad (everything in the salad)
Dinner: Chicken or fish stir fry with fresh veg
Snacks: Mixed plain nuts and dried fruit
Post training: Protein shake

What events are you competing in at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games?

Women’s 58kg category on Saturday 26th July at 3.30pm.

What do you hope to achieve at the the games?

I aim to lift a couple of kg’s more than I have in training and get my hands on something shiny!

Who are your weightlifting heroes?

My idols are in other sports. I was first inspired to become an athlete after watching Adrian Moorhouse win 100m breaststroke gold in Seoul Olympics 1988.

Are there any athletes you’d like to meet in Glasgow?

Just to be at the same games as so many other athletes is an honour. I always try to meet as many people as possible and love hearing about their experiences.

Who would win in a fight, between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sly Stallone?


Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I am looking forward to retiring after these games!

And finally…

Let’s see her in action…

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