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Colossal climbing blogs


Image source: Photobac

Ever felt the urge to cling to a vertical rock face by your fingernails, desperately reaching for a toehold just out of reach?

We’re not too sure, either, but we’ve found a collection of blogs from expert climbers which might just make us change our minds and grab the crampons for a vertical ascent!

These climbing bloggers are all highly familiar with the scenario. Read tales of victory and injury from the mountainside, and revel in the amazing shots the climbing photographers manage to capture!

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11 stellar cycling blogs


Image source: Maxisport
Dedication in the pelaton.

Whether you ride on city cycle lanes or Tour de France mountainsides, our collection of stellar cyclists will inspire you.

We’ve brought together the best cycling blogs in the UK for you to read and learn from.

Their posts are filled with advice, reviews, tips, humour and inspirational quotes to keep you honking, bonking and freewheeling through this roundup!

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Top Tenacious Triathletes blogs

Bike sunset

Image source: Maridav
Many start a triathlon – but not everyone finishes

Can you imagine the dedication involved in getting fit enough to undertake a triathlon? Or even an Ironman?

These unwavering and passionate bloggers have all been through that pain, and come out the other side to tell the tale. Not only that, they’ve shared their experiences with the world, along with their race reports and training stats.

Read on to find out more about the hard core world of the tenacious triathlete.

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Q&A with Daniel Price – Supplement Centre’s Most Hench

Supplement Centre's Most Hench Winner Daniel Price

Daniel Price talks…

It’s been a good year for Daniel Price.

He came first at the Welsh round of the UKBFF competition in September, he’s just been crowned Supplement Centre’s Most Hench and right now he’s bulking like a bear for winter!

We caught up with him to ask all the questions you want answers to. Here they are…

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Commonwealth Games: Sister judo duo

Natalie and Kirsty Powell

Judo sisters Natalie and Kirsty

Sisters Natalie and Kirsty Powell are both competing in Judo at this years Commonwealth Games. Though perhaps wisely, not against each other!

Kirsty is competing today, and old sister Natalie will be giving it her all on Saturday. Fingers crossed for something shiny!

We had a chat with Natalie to find out more about judo, nutrition and, er, times tables! Enjoy…

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Who is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

The Rock hunger games

Image source: Twitter
His not so serious side….

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is about to play Hercules in the blockbuster film of the year. And while he is a demi-god on screen, he has also achieved mythical status in the world of bodybuilding.

With his natural charisma, massive muscular frame and a lot of good marketing, The Rock has become a household name.

But in case you don’t know anything about him, here is a little introduction.

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