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6 Crazy Big Screen Body Transformations

bale before and after machinist

Image source: HexJam
No prizes for guessing which look you prefer…

Most of the time we only see an actor’s work that appears on camera. This, unfortunately, dismisses the fact that an actor’s work begins weeks, if not months in advance. Production meetings and line memorisation is only a small part of the job, with some of the greatest actors and actresses taking dramatic steps in order to fully bring their character to light.

Sometimes these personal transformations can stem from severe and unhealthy methods.

We thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some of the most extreme actor transformations in film and television, how they achieved this transformation, and the potential dangers. As anyone who has tried to change their body type can tell you, the mental challenge is just as important.

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Body Transformation: Glen Macdonald


Before, after, and with the jeans he no longer has to wear!

Cancer, kidney donation and the death of a family member. When trying to lose weight, you can’t ask for three bigger obstacles than these, but Glen Macdonald has somehow managed to get his body back in shape.

Losing nearly 14 stone, Glen is an inspiration for anyone who is looking to transform their body.

Here is his story.

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Fitness Round-Up: Butter, skin and iron man

xmas fitness

Image source: Fab_1
Fancy a brew, bench press or Marvel based battle?

Santa Claus is coming to town, it’s cold outside and the arguments about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film have begun again. (It is 100% a Christmas film).

If you haven’t done your Xmas shopping yet, we’ve got a whole host of offers lined up for you, but until then, here’s some coffee with butter in it, a strongly worded opinion on overweight people and some useful tips on how to improve your bench press.

It’s the November fitness roundup.

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Body Transformation: Ryan Birks

Ryan Birks before and after

Different body, same tattoos

Ryan Birks drank before work, had a drug problem and was in a struggling relationship. But, he turned it all round with a new found love for bodybuilding.

After getting in touch, we wanted to hear his story in full and share it with the world.

So here is Ryan, a man who used to go to work under the influence, who now has a bodybuilding dream.

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46 Best body transformations tips

Best Body Transformation Tips

Load up on tips…

Want to get ripped, hench or just plain healthy? Listen up.

From slimming down to bulking up – and everything in between – these guys have undergone some seriously impressive transformations.

We’ve compiled their best tips into one big collection, so you can follow their advice and start your own epic transformation story.

Don’t have time to read all the tips now? Click here to download all 46 top tips and save them for later!

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