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Body Transformations: Kim Bowman

Kim Bowman before and after 2

The position of the far right picture is purely coincidental

Finally! We have ourselves a body transformation from a lady. We’ve seen slouthernly men lose the flab, build muscle and in general change their life for the better. But now we have a story from a woman! Hurrah!

When we stumbled upon Kim Bowman and saw her before and after pics, we thought it’d be a great idea to help her tell her story, so here it is.

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Body Transformations: Marian Toth

Marian toth before and after photo

The 6 pack was always there Marian!

Marian Toth was always a sporty chap when growing up in Slovakia. But when he moved to the UK, he became engulfed in the world of fitness, and had a lightbulb moment that would change his life…

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Body Transformations: Gareth Clement

Gareth Clement Before and after

Where is the sun cream?

It’s that time of week for another body transformation. This charity money raising man is no stranger to the world of a big belly, but now he can safely go to the beach with a modicum of respectability.

If you feel you have a story to tell, either email us at or send us a message on Facebook or twitter

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Body transformations: Michael Black

Michael Black before and after

Before, during and after

Last week’s epic transformation was epic in length. We even had to cut down a lot of it. This week’s is the opposite.

So if you have 2 minutes (you’ve clicked on here so we are assuming you do), read this great body transformation.

Michael Black is this week’s focus but if you think you have something to offer then let us know.

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Body Transformations: Shane Kelly

Shane Kelly before and after

Catching some rays Shane?

As wonderful as Shane Kelly was at posing on the beach, he just wasn’t happy with his body. So after a lot of protein, some hard work and some clean eating, he got in shape and got in touch.

If you think your body transformation is worth a blog get in touch on Facebook.

But for now, here is Shane’s transformation! Enjoy.

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Body Transformations: James Clark

james Clark before and after photo

What is your before and after like?

Since we started doing these, we have been swamped with body transformations. And we’ve been impressed! James Clark is the latest person to send his in.

The start of his body transformation may not be the happiest, but with some proper diet, the right supplements and a lot of hard work, he has turned his body around!

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