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9 out of 10 people fart at the gym!

beans on toast

The musical fruit

The results of the Grim Gym Survey are in! We’ve asked our Facebook followers and email club to tell us the truth about the gym! Some of it’s shocking, some of it’s well, not shocking, and some of it makes us wonder about the future of the human race.

With a lot of flatulence, a little bit of perving and a fair whack of sexual appetite, the gym seems to be a place of rather strange, yet not completely unexpected behaviour.

First thing’s first though, let’s look at how the gym going public use Google.

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7 Squat Variations You Need To Try

Young woman leaning on a squats rack

Pick a squat, any squat, what squat will you pick?

Ahhhhhh squats. Like moths and light-bulbs, fish and chips or Starsky and Hutch, they go hand in hand with leg day and are an essential part of any workout.

Some love them, some hate them, but squats, just like protein shakes, come in many different shapes and sizes…and flavours.

So what are these splendiferous variations? Well let’s start with the most famous of them all.

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How to Start Working Out…Again

Young Man Lying on an Exercise Mat Lifting a Dumbbell

Keep going lad!

We all change, though we might not admit it, and the days of working out, staying in shape and generally being active are often replaced by bourbons, endless repeats of Top Gear on Dave and a merging of our fat and muscles.

But what if you want to change back again? You used to workout, you stopped, but you want to return?

Let’s start with a big dollop of realism.

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10 Fitness Hacks to Improve Workouts

Back shot of a male bodybuilder holding up his arm, rear view, black background

Image source: TAGSTOCK1
Being oiled up for quicker door entry is not on our list.

All of us are always trying to find ways to make our lives easier. Whether it’s a robotic vacuum cleaner, a self stirring mug or twirling spaghetti fork, we have designed myriad gadgets to save time or cut down on the hassle.

The problem with us folk who like to lift or run our way through the day, is that there are very few time saving, hassle slashing gadgets around, if it all.

But there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time on this earth, and by that I mean of course the time you spend staying in shape.

Let’s start with your music.

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QUIZ: What exercises burn the most calories?

burning calories

Feel the burn!

Calories are an odd beast. They are talked about almost daily in the press, and in the most basic of ways, are what fuel us every single day.

As a society we have become obsessed with “burning” them, and have come up with many creative sports which do just that as a purpose, or in the case of Boxing Chess, do it as a by-product.

But what activities burn the most?

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How to make a gym at home

garage gym

Image source: Pinterest
Some inspiration from the USA

Ever wanted to get a workout in and then realised you have to…

…go upstairs, get your gym kit out, get out of your clothes, get into gym kit, get your gym bag, take a pre-workout, walk to car, realise you have forgotten your earphones, walk back to the house to get earphones, walk back to the car, get into the car, drive to the gym, park, put your kit in the locker, and then, workout? Then do it all in reverse?

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had a gym at home? Well, let’s take a look.

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The best jobs for staying in shape

man woman exercising abdominal workout fitness

Image credit: OSTILL is Franck Camhi
Pick your PT wisely!

Those who like to get in shape spend a lot of their spare time working out. But wouldn’t it be better if you could workout at work? Or even better, workout for your job?

There are clearly chances to do just that, but there are also some left field jobs which aren’t half bad for getting in shape.

So let’s look at the spectrum of employment and see what places offer the most running lifting and everything in between.

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How to train your upper back

Back muscles

Image source: Oleksandr Zamuruiev
A balanced and strong back.

Life is full of difficult issues. From the grand, warring troubles of certain parts of the world, to the teensy weensy annoyance of the fuse going in the kettle.

But when it comes to the gym, there are few areas much more problematic than the upper back.

So let’s take a look at the why and how, and see if we can come up with some answers to this difficult bugger of a muscle group.

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How to Train Your Lower Back

how to train your lower back

Image source: Jale Ibrak
Safely train and get serious…lower back gains?

If muscles could talk, then your lower back would probably say one of the following.

1) Ouch, I hate my life, so I am going to make you hate yours.
2) Why have you forgotten about me?
3) Cheers for looking after me, much appreciated.

If 1) or 2) sounds like your back, then keep reading, and if it’s 3), well then you might learn a thing or two anyway.

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