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The Pros and Cons of Having a Gym Buddy

men doing barbell bench press in gym

Are you a man or woman who needs a spot?

Gym partners, swolemates, “buddies”; call them what you will, there can be some serious benefits to having a fellow lifter on hand for workouts.

And of course, there can be drawbacks.

So should you find yourself a gym buddy or should you be like our resident Dom, and always go alone?

Let us help you decide.

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10 Ways to Spot a Gym-Noob

Nerd man doing gym

Disclaimer: This post is meant as a bit of fun

Noob: noun a person who is inexperienced in a particular sphere or activity…and that includes the gym.

There is no shame in being inexperienced, but acting like a stereotypical noob means something else entirely. On Call of Duty it’s using the grenade launcher, in cooking it’s using every single ingredient known to man, and at the gym, well there is quite a bit to it actually.

So read, see if you know the behaviours and take our quiz to see how much of a noob you are.

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How to Succeed as a New Year Gym Newbie

Person silhouette standing in 2017 on the hill at sunset

Will 2017 be your year?

Back in 2015, we wrote about how to deal with new people in the gym come January. This time, we’re going to be a bit more supportive of that new flock.

People wanting to get in shape, whatever time of year, is something that we like. It’s a lot better than people sitting in front of the TV all day. But so many gym newbies, especially those who start in January, fall off the wagon.

So here’s 8 tips that will improve their chances.

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Should you Train with a Hangover?

man hungover

Not exactly #fitfam?

There are many times in life where you find yourself to be horrifically, almost cripplingly, hungover. And the last thing you’ll want to do is train.

But if you are more hardcore than John McClane in Nakatomi Plaza (can you tell this being written around Christmas), then you will definitely want to train. But should you?

Here are the pros and cons…some scientific…some not.

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How To Fix Your Deadlift

how to fix your deadlift

An article by Liam Browne

One of the big three, the deadlift is as much about raw power and strength as any other exercise. Pick it up, put it down. But it is not that simple, and there are hundreds, if not thousands of videos online of people with poor technique at risk of injuring themselves.

I posted a video a fair while back deadlifting 200kg for 2 reps. I believed the form to not quite be right, so took to the internet for help. What I was met with was some harsh comments, sprinkled with some positive, constructive feedback. Then I was offered a place on a deadlifting seminar at Structure sport and Fitness in Sheffield with Lee Dubois and Ian Thistlewood.

This is what I learnt.

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The Absolute Guide to Abs

ab guide 1

Know that six packs don’t have to feature beer yeah?

It might seem odd to talk about six packs and the like seeing as it’s well and truly bulking season. But not everyone is adding on the pounds for winter, so we thought we’d do it anyway!

If you ask any gym goer, it is, or has been, their goal to have nice defined abs. But it can also be a massive challenge for many too.

But follow these rules (and put in a lot of work) and you’ll see a rippling six pack before the summer comes.

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How to Fix Your Squat

how to fix your squat

A special post by Liam Browne

The squat is one of the staple movements in most, if not all workout plans. Whether you’re building all out power, building muscle mass or improving athletic performance, the squat is one of the big 3 that should be used.

Although the squat is such a popular exercise, it does come under a lot of scrutiny in how it could be performed. Every aspect of the squat is thrown into question, how deep should I go? Where do my hands need to be? How wide should my stance be? Where do I point my toes?

Let’s look at the answers!

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How NOT to Embarrass Yourself at the Gym

how to not embarrass yourself at the gym

He’s dropping a weight in case you didn’t notice!

No one wants to look like a moron at the gym. Yet, so often, we fail in this simple quest. But why?

Well, we can’t answer that to be honest. If you fall over in front of someone you are trying to impress, then it’s your fault. There are however, a number of easy steps you can take, to limit the chances of going red faced when working out.

Let’s get started with your clothes…

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Kai Greene Banned – Video Response

kai greene banned

Image source: Youtube
See the video response below

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Kai Greene, “Mr Getting It Done” and Phil Heath’s greatest rival, will NOT be competing at Mr Olympia. The exact reasons aren’t 100% clear but already a few rumours are circulating.

One is that Kai Greene was signed up to represent MuscleMeds at Mr Olympia, but then split with the supplement supplier, and therefore the contract issues meant he couldn’t compete. The “drugs” word hasn’t yet reared it’s ugly head.

Whatever the case, you can tell by the video, that Kai Greene is distraught.

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5 Tips for Optimal Bicep Training

5 Tips for Optimal Bicep Training

Time for the guns to be optimised!

We recently looked at how to get big triceps. So naturally, we should look at the stars of the show. The George Michael of Wham!, the Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11, the Batman of the dynamic duo. It’s time to build your bulging biceps.

Whether you call them guns or pythons, you’ll no doubt have flexed in the mirror, and hoped they’d be bigger. Sometimes this hope is misplaced, and in this day and age of “you can’t say anything or body shame anyone”, it’s hard for us to tell you to make them bigger.

But if you do want more bulge, here you go.

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