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10 Fitness Hacks to Improve Workouts

Back shot of a male bodybuilder holding up his arm, rear view, black background

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Being oiled up for quicker door entry is not on our list.

All of us are always trying to find ways to make our lives easier. Whether it’s a robotic vacuum cleaner, a self stirring mug or twirling spaghetti fork, we have designed myriad gadgets to save time or cut down on the hassle.

The problem with us folk who like to lift or run our way through the day, is that there are very few time saving, hassle slashing gadgets around, if it all.

But there are plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time on this earth, and by that I mean of course the time you spend staying in shape.

Let’s start with your music.

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You can now get ripped with PornHub…kind of

pornhub bangift

Image source: Bangfit
Can you really shag to get in shape?

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re a bunch of sexed up teenagers on this here blog.

Not only have we shown you the workouts that help your sex life, but we’ve also had an in depth look at sex and HIIT. So when we saw that PornHub has released their own fitness programme, called Bangfit, we thought we’d take a look.

Is a sex based fitness programme really worth it?

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The best jobs for staying in shape

man woman exercising abdominal workout fitness

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Pick your PT wisely!

Those who like to get in shape spend a lot of their spare time working out. But wouldn’t it be better if you could workout at work? Or even better, workout for your job?

There are clearly chances to do just that, but there are also some left field jobs which aren’t half bad for getting in shape.

So let’s look at the spectrum of employment and see what places offer the most running lifting and everything in between.

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Four reasons gyms are disgusting

man disgusted by smell of trainers

The smelly trainers are the least of his worries.

Gyms are lovely places. They let you get in shape, smash boundaries down and achieve things you never thought possible.

But they are also smelly, germ ridden cesspits where we see the worst of humanity, laid bare in one stuffy, fresh air lacking cave of concrete.

Gym owners, we apologise, but this is why your gaff is disgusting.

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How to Workout in Space

how to workout in outer space


There is a strong space theme going round at the moment.

Major Tim Peake’s doing a spacewalk, Brian Cox is on the TV more, and we have also seen the sad passing of and space-age-esque music creating legend, David Bowie

So we wondered, how do astronauts workout in space?

Let’s “launch” our investigation.

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11 must-read personal trainers’ blogs

personal trainer

work it, work it

Some of us like to train alone, focused and motivated. We plan our diet and exercise meticulously and all of our training goes according to this plan.

For a lot of the rest of us, a personal trainer is an essential part of our regime. We need that external discipline and the kind of drive that only comes from someone else.

We’ve found the best Personal Training blogs in the UK so that you can read their advice and tips. They’re a fantastically fit and motivated bunch, so read on and get to know them.

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Is Cricket Good For fitness?

is cricket good for fitness

Can you hit fat for six?

The Ashes is here! And with it, comes some possibly unfair perceptions that cricket is a game for unfit folk and nothing more…

Watch an amateur game on any given (dry) Saturday and you will probably see an overweight man struggling to chase after a ball. But you will also see a well built, lean and mean lad running and hurling a bowl down at great speed.

It’s time for a balanced argument and to answer the question: is cricket good for fitness?

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Sex and HIIT: The Perfect Couple?


Remember to inform each other of your intentions.

Working out can help your sex life. Think about it, you can become stronger, have more stamina and build a much better core. But how effectively can sex be used as a workout itself?

We think sex has potential as a serious workout. But more specifically, we see many aspects of sexual intercourse matching up with HIIT.

But first let us explain exactly what that is…

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Your top 25 motivational fitness quotes


Have we missed any?

Motivation comes in all shapes and sizes, and for many, it comes in quotes telling you to get off your arse, do more or stop whinging.

So we asked the world of social media for the best motivational quotes they could think of. Some we knew, some we didn’t and one features a hippo.

Love them or hate them, here are your favourite motivational fitness quotes.

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