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How to Start Working Out…Again

Young Man Lying on an Exercise Mat Lifting a Dumbbell

Keep going lad!

We all change, though we might not admit it, and the days of working out, staying in shape and generally being active are often replaced by bourbons, endless repeats of Top Gear on Dave and a merging of our fat and muscles.

But what if you want to change back again? You used to workout, you stopped, but you want to return?

Let’s start with a big dollop of realism.

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11 must-read personal trainers’ blogs

personal trainer

work it, work it

Some of us like to train alone, focused and motivated. We plan our diet and exercise meticulously and all of our training goes according to this plan.

For a lot of the rest of us, a personal trainer is an essential part of our regime. We need that external discipline and the kind of drive that only comes from someone else.

We’ve found the best Personal Training blogs in the UK so that you can read their advice and tips. They’re a fantastically fit and motivated bunch, so read on and get to know them.

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Sex and HIIT: The Perfect Couple?


Remember to inform each other of your intentions.

Working out can help your sex life. Think about it, you can become stronger, have more stamina and build a much better core. But how effectively can sex be used as a workout itself?

We think sex has potential as a serious workout. But more specifically, we see many aspects of sexual intercourse matching up with HIIT.

But first let us explain exactly what that is…

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What is a dad bod?

Dad bod

Image source: 9nong
With enough beer, you could have a body like this…

The vast majority of those who read this will be people who workout, who want to workout or who have at some point, worked out. The reasons? They tend to be to stay healthy, look good and feel great. But what’s this “dad bod” craze all about?

In the last few weeks, the likes of Adam Sandler, Leonardo di Caprio and Seth Rogan have been held up high as examples of the finest Dad Bods.

So first, let’s explain what it is.

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How to enjoy flexible dieting

A guest blog from Adam Foster

Image source: Joshua Resnick
A guest blog from Adam Foster

To anyone outside of the bodybuilding world, there is a common assumption made about the eating habits and diet of a bodybuilder.

“They eat the same thing over and over, it’s boring, they can’t enjoy their diet, but it’s what they have to do to get ripped and huge!”

Hell before I started competing as a bodybuilder (I’m now in my 3rd year) I thought along the same lines.

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The 2014 Fitness Round-Up

Year review

Can you name the gym?

Like a good gym session, a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film or a delicious chocolate protein shake, all good things have to come to an end.

2014 has been a momentous year. England failed to do anything positive at the World Cup, Phil Heath won Mr Olympia (again) and we reached 50k fans on Facebook…

But what has been the most clicked, most read and most shared fitness goodies of 2014?

Here is the top 10.

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Fitness Round-Up: Butter, skin and iron man

xmas fitness

Image source: Fab_1
Fancy a brew, bench press or Marvel based battle?

Santa Claus is coming to town, it’s cold outside and the arguments about whether Die Hard is a Christmas film have begun again. (It is 100% a Christmas film).

If you haven’t done your Xmas shopping yet, we’ve got a whole host of offers lined up for you, but until then, here’s some coffee with butter in it, a strongly worded opinion on overweight people and some useful tips on how to improve your bench press.

It’s the November fitness roundup.

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Beware of the 30s fat attack !

Man unable to do up his cord trousers due to weight gain.

Image source: Bacho
It can creep up on the best of us…

What the heck happened? That’s the horrified question on the lips of every thirty something who glances in the mirror one day to find a flabby looking stranger staring back.

Who is that chubby middle-aged guy or girl? How did they get there?

It’s truly shocking to realise that the horrified creature you behold in the mirror is in fact – you. But before you run wailing to the fridge to grab yourself some comfort food – stop. We’re here to help. First off, you need to understand what went wrong, then you need to do something about it. Here’s how to fight the 30s fat attack.

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Fitness Round-up: Massive legs, a massive man and beer


What’s he so happy about?

Halloween, clocks changing and the leaves all starting to die. Yep October has been and gone, so now we’ll look at what happened on the world wide web.

We’ve got a man with a suspiciously large forearm, “proof” that alcohol can be consumed and not hinder performance, and a rather handy leg day workout.

It’s the fitness roundup for October.

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Fitness Round-up: Religious wife swapping and much more


Wonder if Phil Heath wife swaps?

Another month on in our relentless march through time, and that means more blogs, articles and a plethora of odd findings from the internet.

This time, the devout Christian-bodybuilder-wife swappers are a particular highlight. Especially if you are into that sort of thing…

And by that “thing”, we of course mean bodybuilding…not wife swapping..oh whatever, here goes…

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