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5 foodie old wives’ tales: busted

senior woman with carrots

They help you see in the dark you know?

Fresh air is good for you, fish is good for your brain and cheese can give you nightmares. All things you have probably heard from an older relative, and all true.

Now while we may have already debunked many modern nutrition myths, there are some old wives’ tales that persist to this day.

So sit down with a healing hot toddy, or chicken soup, and prepare to mend your foodie knowledge.

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How to have a healthy Christmas dinner

how to have a healthy christmas dinner

Disclaimer: we aren’t a bunch of Scrooges

Get in! Christmas is nearly here. And that means chocolate, alcohol and the main event, the Christmas dinner. But can a clean eating machine make the the Don of roasts healthy? We think so.

Now at this point, you may well be thinking, “Why would you want to?” It’s one day in a year after all.

We aren’t saying you have to do this, but if you are so hardcore that, go to them gym, swig on a protein shake, and count your macros on Christmas day, then this is for you.

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11 must-read personal trainers’ blogs

personal trainer

work it, work it

Some of us like to train alone, focused and motivated. We plan our diet and exercise meticulously and all of our training goes according to this plan.

For a lot of the rest of us, a personal trainer is an essential part of our regime. We need that external discipline and the kind of drive that only comes from someone else.

We’ve found the best Personal Training blogs in the UK so that you can read their advice and tips. They’re a fantastically fit and motivated bunch, so read on and get to know them.

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7 Deadly Nutrition Sins

Good vs bad nutrition

Image source: Monstar Studio
Which option would you go for?

We’ll admit, finding the information to follow for a good diet or training regime, can be very difficult.

Not only do you have us, one of the greatest suppliers of well priced 5kg protein tubs in the world, telling you what to do, but you also have hundreds of others, spouting quite a bit of rubbish.

So, nutrition wise, what are the greatest sins?

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How to Have a Healthy BBQ: Part One


Step one: don’t touch the coals

Whether it’s a Bank Holiday, a glimmer of sun in the distance or some kind of family event, most of us tend to love a good BBQ!

You may be wondering how you can partake in such a fun filled event, without ruining all your hard work in the gym. After all, a load of greasy meat and a tonne of alcohol isn’t exactly conducive to gains. So instead of sitting at home searching for discount supplements and worrying about your macros, follow our advice.

Take these steps, and you can have a BBQ that’s fun, healthy and tasty too!

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