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June 2015: 775kg Deadlift and Little Hercules


Another month closer to Xmas!

June saw the sun comes out, Jurassic World roar onto our screens and several hundred thousand “hippies” gather in a muddy field at Glastonbury.

But it also saw many fitness related things happen. Not only did the Women’s World Cup and Wimbledon both get under way. But there were myriad other stories that you lot all loved.

So here they are…

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May 2015: Synthol and 9000 Calorie Meal


Such a load of stupid

May saw Sepp Blatter, sorry, Satan, tighten his grip on FIFA, it saw the UK vote in a majority government and we also saw a tonne of you converging at the NEC to meet Hulk Hogan at Body Power.

Of course, that wasn’t all that went on. In between all the good and bad news, a hell of a lot of fitness stories hit the internet airwaves.

So here is the best of them!

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The Fitness Round-Up: Dwarf love and a hench kangaroo

fitness group

Image source: Flamingo Images
Here we go…

April has been and gone, and in its wake, its left behind a whole manner of stories, some good, some bad.

The bad featured Katie Hopkins, the Baltimore riots and of course, the tragic events in Nepal; we hope for all those involved in the latter two, that things end okay.

But, just like when you get your delivery of discount supplements, good stuff has happened too. Many have ran the London Marathon, AP McCoy finished his wonderful career and a dwarf bodybuilder found love…

And that is where we will begin.

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The Fitness Round Up: March 2015


What did you do in March?

The clocks have gone forward, we have a load of bank holidays to look forward to and soon it should be “sun’s out, guns out” weather.

So spring is basically upon us, that means the cut is well and truly in play for many of you out there, and fat burners will be at the ready.

But what happened before the onset of spring? Let’s take a look at March’s best moments.

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The Fitness Round-Up: February 2015


What did you do in February?

28 days later and February is done. It always passes us by quickly, which is good because we get paid quicker, but it does mean less time for gains!

Okay, two or three days isn’t going to make a massive difference if you are trying to add muscle mass, even if you do miss out on a few days of bodybuilding supplements.

But let us forget the days we lost, and remember the day we had. More importantly, let’s take a look at the fitness stories from the February.

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Fitness Round-up: Loose Bowels, Big Breakfasts and Gym Newbies


Toilet and food – lovely combo

January, the month of no alcohol, gyms crammed full of newbies and warning after warning from tabloids that we are all going to freeze to death.

As well as all that, there’s also been a whole host of crazy fitness stories. From a look back at the man who lost bowel control mid marathon, to the tragic passing of model, Greg Plitt.

Here’s the January fitness roundup.

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