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5 things to look out for at Rio 2016 Olympics

Rio 2016

Image source: rocharibeiro
What will you be watching this year?

The Olympics are here again, that four year trip into the world of athletics, countries you’ve never heard of and the knowledge you always have something to watch on the TV.

But though Neymar, Usain Bolt, Zika and the whole Russian doping scandal may take the headlines, we think it’s important to look out for a few other great happenings at this Olympics.

So here’s five things you really shouldn’t miss.

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Pokémon Go: The best fitness app ever?

pokemon go fitness app review

Image source: Tumblr/beardedjack_
Is catching them all getting the public in shape?

It’s bigger than Tinder, going to be bigger than Twitter and is probably going to save Nintendo after that terrible thing called the Wii-U. Pokémon Go is huge. But what does it have to do with us?

Well as a happy side effect of more or less everyone who once had a Gameboy colour playing this ridiculously popular game, it seems more people are walking. Our lovely web developer @beardedjack_ even said “I don’t need a fitness app, I’ve got this”; and indeed he isn’t the only one to mutter such an idea.

So what is Pokémon Go and will it actually help you stay fit?

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You can now get ripped with PornHub…kind of

pornhub bangift

Image source: Bangfit
Can you really shag to get in shape?

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re a bunch of sexed up teenagers on this here blog.

Not only have we shown you the workouts that help your sex life, but we’ve also had an in depth look at sex and HIIT. So when we saw that PornHub has released their own fitness programme, called Bangfit, we thought we’d take a look.

Is a sex based fitness programme really worth it?

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Kai Greene Banned – Video Response

kai greene banned

Image source: Youtube
See the video response below

Yes, in case you haven’t heard, Kai Greene, “Mr Getting It Done” and Phil Heath’s greatest rival, will NOT be competing at Mr Olympia. The exact reasons aren’t 100% clear but already a few rumours are circulating.

One is that Kai Greene was signed up to represent MuscleMeds at Mr Olympia, but then split with the supplement supplier, and therefore the contract issues meant he couldn’t compete. The “drugs” word hasn’t yet reared it’s ugly head.

Whatever the case, you can tell by the video, that Kai Greene is distraught.

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VIDEO: Man Eats 14,540 Calories of Ice Cream

man eats 14540 calories of ice cream

That’s a lot of ice cream!

We love a good eating challenge. They seem to go hand in hand with fitness, which is strange, because it’s normally about eating well and just eating enough. But fitness can also be about weight gain, and that is what this guy had in mind.

Pro eater, and yes that is a job apparently, Matt Stonie has done many eating challenges. This however, has to be his finest. Consuming 14,540 calories in one go is impressive, but to do it with ice cream only, is slow clap worthy.

So here, for your pleasure, is the man who now needs some fat burners.

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Tough Mudder Runners Ill From Poo

mud run faecal matter

Image source: Twitter

Tough Mudder is a lot of fun. You get mucky, you challenge yourself and you even get a drink at the end. There have been warnings of faecal matter being mixed in with the mud, but this takes the biscuit.

Around 8,400 folk got together to climb ropes, get electrocuted and crawl through a low of mud, in the French version of the event. But it turns out, there was something lurking within the brown stuff.

Nice’s Côte d’Azur doesn’t seem so “nice” any more.

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Former Marine Planks for over FIVE Hours


Abs of steel!

For some bizarre reason, the world of competitive planking has lit up in the last few months. And a former Marine, George Hood, has smashed the record, which was only set last week.

When Danish fitness trainer planked for four hours and 28 minutes, few could imagine anyone going any better. Indeed that guy himself beat a previous record, set by a Chinese policeman. So what George Hood has done is pretty special.

So let’s see him in action…if you can call it that.

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