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Is a fat or sugar tax a good idea? Nope.

Sugar cubes and "sugar tax" inscription

This is an opinion piece and does not fully reflect Supplement Centre.

If any politician mentions the word “tax” most normal people make an inward groan. After all, who wants to pay more for anything, or have more money taken from them?

However when George Osborne announced a two tier levy on sugary drinks, many rejoiced. Jamie Oliver danced a little bit and many saw it is a blow against the ever growing bastard that is obesity.

Before I tell you why they should stop dancing, let’s get a bit of background shall we?

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When it comes to body image, no one can win

fat vs thin men cartoon

This article is an opinion piece, and does not necessarily reflect the views of Supplement Centre.

Everyone is insulted about pretty much everything these days. Sometimes rightly, sometimes wrongly, but if you go onto social media, look at the news or speak to a handful of people, someone, somewhere will be on a campaign for justice because someone somewhere else has done something “disgusting”, “unfair” or “place negative adjective here”.

Perhaps the most common instance of people being wronged, is when it comes to body image. Brands, media outlets and individuals now have to be incredibly careful about what they post, say or do, but 9 times out of 10, someone will be offended.

Disney have now joined the party, and just like England vs Iceland, they cannot win.

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