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7 Ways to Soup Up Your Protein Shake

how to soup up your protein shake

Unleash your inner super human!

Our muscles need protein. That is a scientific fact. So, as time has gone on, us humans have collectively come up with great tasting protein shakes. To help you get the additional protein that you might not be able to get from food. But can they be made even better?

We think the answer could be yes. Depending on your goal, there are a number of things you can add to get extra vitamins, fats and other micro and macro nutrients.

Of course, you could just get an all in one protein, but here goes anyway.

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If Twitter Explained Protein Supplements



Twitter has given us many things. From the trolling of Hulk Hogan, to rather odd world of One Direction fans. Or “fandom” if you want to get picky.

But annoying Directioners aside, one thing twitter hasn’t given us, is an explanation about supplements. Yes Twitter isn’t responsible for teaching you about what supplement does what, but we thought we’d help out anyway.

So here is what will probably be the biggest trend of the year. Every supplement explained, in 140 characters or less.


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3 training myths: busted


Is it all a load of rubbish?

There is a lot of information sent here and there about fitness and working out, and a lot of it is total rubbish. But still some people follow it.

Creatine powder is not shown to have any side effects, but people still worry, the benefits of a gluten free diet are shown to be negligible, and people still go for it…we could go on.

But instead of us having a rant, let’s clear up some of the training myths, you could have been following needlessly.

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6 ways to stop protein shaker smells


Keep the answers clean please…

Protein is awesome. It helps to build muscles and is the very building block of the gains we are after.

Many look to boost their protein intake with shakes and take an array of supplements to help them reach their fitness goals. But most powders need a protein shaker, and they can sometimes get a bit whiffy.

The reason is that small residues of whey protein and milk/water “go off” and the horrid smell is in fact bacteria.

So how can you stop your shaker going rancid?

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How to eat healthily on a budget

Eat healthy on a budget

Image source: Lisa-S
Save pennies without eating rubbish!

“I can’t afford to eat healthily.” That’s an excuse we hear and read about pretty much every day of the week in some form or another. And here at Supplement Centre, we simply shake our heads.

Because for us, we know you can eat well on a budget. Whether “well” means portion size or nutritional goodness, it can be done. But there’s no good in us continuing to shake our heads.

If you want gains, bigger portions or just a healthier diet, here are 7 top tips for eating well without getting a loan from Wonga. You probably know where to get cheap whey protein, so now you can get cheap eats!

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Why your nan should take whey

Senior woman showing off her biceps.

Get your nan to have a read…

There’s so much more to whey than meets the eye.

It’s enjoying a purple patch in popularity too and whey protein sales are definitely on the rise as people around the globe wise up to the benefits.

Whey protein supplements have long been the bodybuilder’s best buddies for decades due to the bounty of protein it contains, but there are extra benefits to whey protein aside from the high protein. Benefits that even your nan will appreciate so long as you can convince her with the following nuggets of information we sourced from recent studies.

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Fitness Round-up: Massive legs, a massive man and beer


What’s he so happy about?

Halloween, clocks changing and the leaves all starting to die. Yep October has been and gone, so now we’ll look at what happened on the world wide web.

We’ve got a man with a suspiciously large forearm, “proof” that alcohol can be consumed and not hinder performance, and a rather handy leg day workout.

It’s the fitness roundup for October.

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Working out behind bars

Hands Behind Bars

Image source: WilleeCole Photography
Tips for staying ripped inside

You might think you’ll never need to workout in jail, but who knows what the future holds, right? Seriously, we know there are times when you just won’t be able to get to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you have to let all your hard work go to waste.

We also know that we live in frugal times, but just because your gym membership falls victim to personal budget cuts doesn’t mean you can afford to let your fitness suffer.

With all this in mind – we’ve decided to take a look prison workout regimes – because they’re free, even for those who aren’t free.

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5 Protein treats for Chocolate Week

Closeup Of Dark Chocolate

Image source: Dziewul
Chocolate Week

It’s chocolate week, the UK’s biggest chocolate celebration, culminating in the nation’s biggest chocolate orgy: the Chocolate Show at Olympia in London from October 17th to 19th.

That’s why we thought we’d tempt you with some of the most jaw dropping, eye-wateringly deliciously tempting chocolate treats we could devise.

But before you start shopping for a bigger jeans size, don’t worry, taken in moderation you’ll be fine. After all, we all deserve a treat sometimes. And because all our creations involve a healthy heap of chocolate flavoured protein, you’ll still be fuelling your muscles!

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Is sitting the new smoking? Reduce the risks!

Loving Couple Watching Tv

Image source: ESB Professional
Get active…

British adults now spend an average of nearly nine hours each day sitting down. And it’s ruining our health. Scientific evidence suggests too much time spent sitting can shave years off your life.

Too much sitting, it seems, is the new smoking and it substantially increases your long term, risk of contracting any of a host of serious diseases. We’re talking about a list of ailments including but not limited to: heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, back and neck problems, osteoporosis, and even depression and dementia.

And the bad news is that even if, like many of our readers, you work out and lead an otherwise active lifestyle, too much time spent on your behind is still bad for you. So what can we do about it?

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