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The young, the buff and the beautiful

Muscular Bodybuilder Guy Doing Exercises With Dumbbells Over Black Background

Teenage Bodybuilders

They’re young, they’re beautiful and man, are they ripped. Welcome to the world of teenage bodybuilding.

Think you know teenagers? Think again – these kids are a breed apart. Young bodybuilders trade lie-ins and binge drinking for 4am gym workouts and crazy calorie consumption. They live and breathe for their passion – lifting weight.

We’ve picked ten inspirational young body builders from around the world to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these new contenders.

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Freaky fitness fads of the famous

boy screams opening the mouth

That’s just weird!

You want an A-list body, so you need an A-list fitness regime – right?

Well, maybe. You might aspire to a red carpet bod, but could you really embrace a Hollywood workout? The buff and the beautiful dedicate serious time and cash to their physiques. And some of their fitness regimes go way beyond bizarre.

We’ve uncovered strange fitness secrets behind some of the most beautiful bodies in La La Land. So if you want to know how Matthew McConaughey got so ripped or what Jennifer Aniston did to get stripper-fit, then read on for fitness inspiration – Hollywood style.

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Yoga – not just for hippies!

Woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

Get your om on!

Cue the wind chimes, cue the New Age mysticism, cue the humus and the mung bean salad; we’re talking yoga, tai chi and meditation.

And that’s just for starters. It turns out practices we used to think were for just for hippies are for us too.

If you’re into your weights, you need to give serious thought to complementing your training with techniques to build flexibility and focus into your workout regime. Heck, even ballet is in the mix.

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Golden GB sports heroes you’ve never heard of

Lizzy Yarnold GB skeleton racer 2014 Winter Olympics Sochi

Image source: British Skeleton
We know Sochi Team GB, but what about these stars

One gold, two silver and one bronze medal for Team GB at Sochi; the best ever results for British athletes at the winter olympics.

It’s a triumph for UK sport and a cause of celebration for a waterlogged nation. But prior to the games, who knew the names of our top athletes?

Here, to celebrate the successes of Lizzy Yarnold, Jenny Jones and our curling teams, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest British athletes you might never have heard of.

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Extreme street workouts

street workout

Impressive body strength

‘Street workout’, also known as ‘freestyle calisthenics’, ‘ghetto workout’ or even ‘prison workout’ is coming to a park near you.

Yep that’s right, the new craze in strength and fitness training is all about the outdoors.

Big in the United States and former Eastern Bloc countries, the sport is part calisthenics, part gymnastics, part athletics. Exercise on parallel bars, chinning bars, metal poles, and anything the urban environment has to offer.

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Elite athlete mums

Jessica Ennis

Image source: Robbie Dale / Wikimedia
Jessica Ennis-Hill

So heptathlete and Olympic gold medal winner Jessica Ennis-Hill is pregnant.

She definitely won’t be competing at the Commonwealth games in Glasgow this year – but will she make it back in time to defend her title at the 2016 Olympics in Rio?

She says she will, and why not? She certainly won’t be the first mum to bounce back.

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How to burn your Christmas dinner calories

santa working out burn off christmas dinner

He knows the drill!

Whatever your feelings about the festive season, there’s one thing that connects all of us at Christmas — food!

Christmas is about chilling out and enjoying a feast with friends and family. The only trouble is, lots of calories and inactivity equals extra weight.

The average person puts on around 4 lbs of excess during Christmas week and it can take up to four months to shift that extra weight. Now we’re not saying don’t enjoy Christmas — but if you do get trapped in the Christmas hamper, then you’ll need a damage limitation plan.

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Stay mentally great with weights

elderly fitness weights

Lift strong, live healthy, live long

Lifting weights helps you age better, and it’s never too late to start. That’s the message from scientific studies conducted the world over.

If you’re still young enough to think clubbing is a good idea, here’s why you should go easy on the cocktails and go in heavy on the weights.

If you think you’re already over the hill, you need to read this then grab your gym kit and get going. The message is simple: lift strong – live healthy – live long.

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