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The Grim Gym Survey (and giveaway!)

grim gym survey

This is what you can win!

Ever thought the gym can be a bit…icky? Don’t get us wrong, we love them, but when you see these ads making them look all shiny, and supplement companies telling you it’s all smiles and beauty, you do have to wonder. Is it really like that?

We think the answer is a big fat, no. We think the UK isn’t as squeaky clean as you’ve been made to think.

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10 Questions to Ask your New Gym Buddy?

mastermind chair gym buddy quiz

Will your contestant become a gym buddy?

Gym buddies. They aren’t for everyone, but if you are on the lookout, it’s a good idea to get it right.

Of course, there are some people that it’s obvious you should avoid. Boris Johnson for example would be a terrible choice. You’d turn up at the gym, and then he’d bugger off. Meanwhile Corbyn would simply never leave.

So here’s how to weed the Boris or Jeremy from your gym buddy, and hopefully end up with an Apollo Creed.

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QUIZ: What exercises burn the most calories?

burning calories

Feel the burn!

Calories are an odd beast. They are talked about almost daily in the press, and in the most basic of ways, are what fuel us every single day.

As a society we have become obsessed with “burning” them, and have come up with many creative sports which do just that as a purpose, or in the case of Boxing Chess, do it as a by-product.

But what activities burn the most?

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Rank Your Favourite Arnold Films!

arnold behind the scenes

Image source: Pinterest “Try and look more…Barbariany, Arnold.”

It’s no secret here, we love Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After a little meeting about content, we decided that it has been a while (about a month or so) since we did anything relating to the Austrian Oak. So, we thought of 10 films the great man starred in, and we want you to list them.


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Who said it? Trump or Fury?

trump or fury who said it

Images sources: Flickr/Twitter
Two outspoken men. One quiz.

Unless you have been living under a rock, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Tyson Fury, and Donald Trump.

The former, now a SPOTY candidate, has said things that have annoyed, angered and even started a petition. The latter, well, where to begin? We aren’t one to comment on politics, so take a look on Google and you’ll see what we mean.

All that aside, can you tell them apart simply by what they have said?

Take our quiz to find out!

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How Well Do You Know The Rocky IV Workout Montage?

rocky iv montage

Image source: YouTube
Hearts on Fire!

We like Rocky. Who doesn’t? What we like especally, are the amazing montages, the 80s music makes them even better. Because while the film series never really shows Rocky knocking back a protein shake, or indeed working on his nutrition, it does show him working out.

Ever wondered whether it is actually a good workout or not? Well we have come up with a quiz to see how clued up you are on the ways of the Italian Stallion, and to see if you really know your stuff.

Make sure you share your results, even if, like Creed, Clubber Lang, Drago, and the lad in Rocky V, you do poorly.

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What’s Your Top Gym Day?


My money is on legs…

Are you a leg day lover or do you cherish chest workout more than any other?

Of course, we could ask you one by one, but that would take time, and quite frankly, we can’t be bothered. It’s easy for us to tell which whey protein powder you prefer, as we can look at sales (probably chocolate or strawberry by the way). But knowing whether legs beats arms, is a bit more of a mystery.

So help us beat that mystery now.

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Quiz: Do You Know Your Supplements?


Can you get 100%?

Let’s be honest, we wholesalers of helpful sports supplements tend to stock a lot, and with that comes confusion.

Many question will pop up in the mind of the customer: Which creatine is best and is whey isolate the purest form or whey protein powder? We realised this problem, so thought we’d make a quiz to test, and possibly to teach you about the nuances of the supplement world.

Can you get 5 out of 5?

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