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Monday ISN’T International Chest Day!


Shock horror!

Last week, we asked you kind folk, whether you thought Monday was actually International Chest Day. We also asked a couple of other questions, about Cheat Days, Rest Days and Hump Day.

Yes, it’s not the biggest sample size in the world (148 people answered) but as a bit of a fun guide, it’s still fairly interesting.

So here are the results, you’d best stop hitting the bench on a Monday!

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Rate our mobile site


You’d best be reading this on your phone…

Over the last few years we have been constantly tweaking, updating and speeding up our site. This makes it quicker to browse, more enjoyable to look at and most importantly, allows you to find the best supplements at the best value.

But though our lovely site did work on mobile, it wasn’t as good as it could be. So we have created a lovely new mobile site. So next on the list is to see what you think of it!

So fill out our super quick survey, tell us what you think and if you have a Supplement Centre account, we’ll give you 50 pts as a thanks.

And BE HONEST! You will get points whether you are nice or not!

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A Question of Form



Gym fails are a staple of the internet these days, our Facebook feeds are full with them, and in general, what isn’t funny about someone dropping a bar on their foot?

But what about poor form? Our main bag might be nutrition supplements, but the gym is where the real magic happens. That wonderful PB, that awesome squat,and oh, that terrible back breaking deadlift. Yes form can be an issue.

So what to do about it? Instead of us telling you, you can tell us. Enjoy!

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How obsessed with fitness are you?

How obsessed with fitness are you

Stop staring at the weights!

If, instead of counting sheep to get to the land of nod, you count imaginary dumbbell flies then you may have a problem.

We’re not talking a massive problem; more a “I need to stop ostracizing my friends in order to work on my lats” kind of problem.

Worried you may be taking it too far, or worried you aren’t obsessed enough? Well answer yes or no to all these questions and we’ll tell you how obsessed you are.

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