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5 Cheap Protein Packed Recipes

5 cheap protein packed meals

All the protein, none of the cash (well some)

If you were to believe everything you read, then you’d think that we are on the brink of poverty not seen since the Irish famine, and that soon, zombies will be taking over.

The truth is, things aren’t that bad. Granted, some have it worse than others, and for many, it’s important to cut costs where possible. For those who love working out, that can be an extra challenge.

So, if you are a bargain hunter, always looking at discount supplements, then you will love these five awesome protein packed meals!

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Lean Bean Nutrition’s Protein Pancakes


Lean Bean Goodness!

So Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday if you want to get all posh about it) is here again! Woopee!

But what if you are eating clean? It’s all well and good supplementing with fat burners, but if you’re chucking the world’s supply of syrup down your gob, they aren’t going to do much good.

So, we borrowed Lindsay Benson, better known as Lean Bean Nutrition, to see if how to make protein pancakes – and how to make Pancake Day fit your macros!

Take it away Bean!

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Would you drink Peanut Butter Coffee?


Peanut tastiness?

By now you have probably heard of “Bulletproof coffee.” If not, it is basically when you add butter to coffee.

It works a bit like a pre-workout supplement because of the caffeine in the coffee, there are good fats which are great for bulking and when you add coconut oil your get some helpful medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

But what about with PEANUT butter?

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How to make bacon healthy

Can-bacon be healthy

Hungry yet?

Bacon. The very mention of the word is likely to make the most hardened fitness fanatic salivate uncontrollably. A major weekend pleasure and perhaps the culinary cherry on top of any meal. But, can you eat it every day?

Everything in proportion is the age old guidance. Yes A chocolate bar won’t kill you, but 250 could put you closer to a fat riddled demise. So is there a way to enjoy bacon on a regular occasion without turning into the very animal you’re eating?

We thought we’d see if we can make bacon healthy.

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In defence of the English breakfast

Full english breakfast fry up with a glass of orange juice.

Mmmm, grease…

The English breakfast has gained an infamous reputation, and yes, compared to the muesli mix from across the channel, it does appear a tad unhealthy.

That’s because it’s usually full of grease due to being made by a greasy chef in a greasy spoon café.

But hold on a minute! It’s actually full of protein too and a high protein breakfast is just what you need according to recent studies.

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And the Ultimate Protein Recipe winner is…

recipe competition winner post

£250 to spend!

And the winner is…Steve Welch with his choc peanut cookies!

You all went mad for Steve’s tempting choc peanut cookies, crowning him the Ultimate Protein Recipe champion! We had a chat with Steve to find out what inspired his cookies, how they help his training and what plans he’s got for the £250 voucher…

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