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Four reasons gyms are disgusting

man disgusted by smell of trainers

The smelly trainers are the least of his worries.

Gyms are lovely places. They let you get in shape, smash boundaries down and achieve things you never thought possible.

But they are also smelly, germ ridden cesspits where we see the worst of humanity, laid bare in one stuffy, fresh air lacking cave of concrete.

Gym owners, we apologise, but this is why your gaff is disgusting.

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Relentless running blogs


Running, running, running…Stefan Holm /

Are you already a serious runner? Or are you just starting to think about what regular jogging could do for your health? These blog posts will motivate and entertain you.

We’ve found a collection of bloggers who have all found that running enriches their lives. They’ve endured aches, pains and blisters but still want to share their love of the sport with you.

Want to lose weight or find a healthier addiction to occupy your time? These carefully selected bloggers will inspire you to achieve your goals.

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How To Train For Tough Mudder

how to train for tough mudder

Electrocution, mud and fire. But what about the training?

You are drenched in mud, you are tired, and what’s in front of you? Fire, ice and a large wall to climb over. Yes, it’s Tough Mudder.

Here at Supplement Centre, we’re very good at telling you how to lift weights, what protein to take and how act in the gym, but we have never really covered obstacle course events. Until now…

Here is how to train for Tough Mudder.

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London Marathon training Q&A


Original image source: Flickr
What would be your top tip?

The London Marathon comes once more, with elite runners such as Wilson Kipsang wowing the world with their incredible pace.

High altitude training, coaches, the best gear; it all helps the best get better. But how does your average amateur athlete get ready for such an event?

To answer that question, I caught up with my brother, who is running the marathon this Sunday. Keep an eye out for the one who is really, really struggling.

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Four alternative motivation methods to improve your training


Image source: UfaBizPhoto
Do you need a kick in the right direction?

Some find it easy, some find it hard, but motivation is the key to fitness. There are YouTube channels, blogs and motivational quotes aplenty that keep many folk going. Then there is the self ingrained drive, perhaps for health or aesthetic reasons.

But what if the things that motivated you before no longer do the job? Or what if you simply can’t get off your sofa and get in shape? Don’t worry, we have the answer.

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How to pick yourself up after failure

A man who failed, but picked himself up.

Father Fitness

We always hear of people breaking records and smashing challenges, but what about when they don’t make it? How do you pick yourself up and keep going?

‘If at first you don’t succeed dust yourself off and try again.’ I think that’s the saying anyway.”

Meet Paul Stainthorpe, otherwise known as Father Fitness. Last year he took on an almighty challenge, and it didn’t go to plan. Find out how he admirably picked himself up and moved on.

Take it away Paul…

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Sweat yourself happy

Woman in gym lifting weights

Image source: pikselstock
Exercise for happiness!

We all know that working out is a great way to keep our bodies fit and healthy. But did you know that exercise is just as important for the health of our minds?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re celebrating the incredible power of exercise to keep us fit in mind as well as in body.

And the benefits are endless. Exercise can make you happier, more positive, cleverer and even sexier. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to sweat yourself happy.

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