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Mark Smith Disabled Bodybuilder: Documentary

Mark Smith Phil Heath

Mark posing with My Olympia, Phil Heath

By now you know probably know about him, but that doesn’t make him any less awesome. Yep, Mark Smith, disabled bodybuilder legend, has continually deified the odds.

After losing his leg in a training accident at the age of 26, he had a few choices to make. During his rehab he became a qualified football coach, boxing coach and personal trainer. It was in the latter that he found his new vocation.

From personal training, came bodybuilding, and the renewed buzz “of being shot at”.

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5 reasons to try…American Football


Hut hut!

Whether you truly get it or not, the sport of American Football is really taking off in the UK, with a London NFL franchise often spoken about. But why should you care?

That’s what Liam is here to tell you. So whether you are someone who has had a bit too much of the mass gainer, or just a keen fan of the latest EA Sports Madden game, then read on.

Because here, are five reasons to try American Football.

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Twitter Tuesday: Deadlifts, squats and dodgy straps…


They get extra points if they do it on this camera…

The Supplement Centre Elite Athlete Programme has been going for a little while now, and in that time, our athletes have shared a hell of a lot of videos.

So now, we’re going to be pooling them all in to one place, and launching an informal thing we’re calling Twitter Tuesday!

So watch Lindsay Benson squatting, Yiannis Verankis with a PB deadlift and Nick Millard in training for a strongman contest. Oh, and someone struggles with straps too…

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VIDEO: The 210kg Squat Winner


Video and pictures below

As you all know, we love a good protein shakes, an article about creatine or a video of someone dropping a really, really heavy weight on their toes. But we also like success.

#SCElite member Yiannis Veranakis recently won the single lift contest at the BDFPA championships.

So scroll down for the video and see some pics on the way!

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Would you drink Peanut Butter Coffee?


Peanut tastiness?

By now you have probably heard of “Bulletproof coffee.” If not, it is basically when you add butter to coffee.

It works a bit like a pre-workout supplement because of the caffeine in the coffee, there are good fats which are great for bulking and when you add coconut oil your get some helpful medium chain triglycerides (MCT).

But what about with PEANUT butter?

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7 reasons to work out



Last week we asked our many #SCElite athletes why they work out. Guy Allen took things a bit further, and wrote his very own blog!

Not wanting to bin his words, or condense them unnecessarily, we decided to give him that blog. Guy has come a long way, from inboxing us on Facebook with questions about fat burners, to being part of the awesomest fitness team in the world.

Here, therefore, are 7 reasons why Guy works out.

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Why do we work out?

why do we workout cover

Why do you workout?

We might rabbit on about all sorts of supplements here (which should come as no surprise really). But at the core of our talk about whey protein and discount sales, there is the also one overriding desire. To look after our bodies.

So why do we workout? We thought it would be a good idea to get some different reasons from keen as mustard athletes.

We asked our Elite Athletes why they work out, and this is what they said.

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Mark Smith Q & A

Q&A Blog banner

What would you ask?

Mark Smith is one inspirational character. After losing his while serving in the military, he has since become a bodybuilder, and has even won a trophy.

We often share his videos, and pics, but we thought it would be good to give you a real insight into Mark Smith: disAbility bodybuilder and #SCElite member. So we ran a Q&A!

This is what you asked him.

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