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Why the Victorians didn’t need supplements (but we do)

victorian food market

Victorian food market
Source: HRN

If you want to live a long, healthy life, adopt the Victorian diet and workout ethic.

That’s the advice of researchers who have discovered that far from living short lives characterised by overwork, malnutrition and disease, Victorians lived to a ripe old age and were much fitter and healthier than we are today. And all without many of the medicines, vitamin pills and protein supplements we take for granted today.

Let’s find out how they did it.

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How to burn your Christmas dinner calories

santa working out burn off christmas dinner

He knows the drill!

Whatever your feelings about the festive season, there’s one thing that connects all of us at Christmas — food!

Christmas is about chilling out and enjoying a feast with friends and family. The only trouble is, lots of calories and inactivity equals extra weight.

The average person puts on around 4 lbs of excess during Christmas week and it can take up to four months to shift that extra weight. Now we’re not saying don’t enjoy Christmas — but if you do get trapped in the Christmas hamper, then you’ll need a damage limitation plan.

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Stay mentally great with weights

elderly fitness weights

Lift strong, live healthy, live long

Lifting weights helps you age better, and it’s never too late to start. That’s the message from scientific studies conducted the world over.

If you’re still young enough to think clubbing is a good idea, here’s why you should go easy on the cocktails and go in heavy on the weights.

If you think you’re already over the hill, you need to read this then grab your gym kit and get going. The message is simple: lift strong – live healthy – live long.

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Beginners Guide to Shedding Fat

Fat man in gym landscape

If he can try, so can you

One of the hardest body battles many face is shedding fat. Millions of people every year embark upon fad diets, extreme exercise regimes and even resort to over the counter weight loss pills. Unfortunately, the majority of these options won’t work as a sustainable measure.

But why is this? Some people may see great initial results from fad diets, but the weight often rapidly rebounds and leaves them back at square one.

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Beastly protein bars

lion roar

Eat like a beast

A protein bar makes for a great pre or post workout snack. But next time you tuck into one, spare a thought for the long and illustrious history of the lump of anabolic protein in your hand.

Many an indigenous person has lived on natural protein bars, some of which were no way near as tasty as ours. Here’s a what’s what of traditional ‘beastly’ protein.

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Fabulous fats

fabulous fat man burger

Not all fat is bad

Fat has gained a bad reputation over the years. But not all fat is bad and it’s a dietary disaster that society has glazed all fatty foods with the same bad-fat brush.

It’s actually healthy to consume good fats — fact. So here’s a little story about fat and the ones you should eat and those to  avoid.

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From beginner to champion in 6 months

champion trophy

6 months to gold

Scottish dentist, Apple Doepner, has won gold in an International weightlifting competition just 6 months after taking up the sport.

That’s beginner to champion in 6 months — now there’s an endorsement for training well.

Ever wondered what you could achieve in 6 months if you invested in your mind and body? Maybe there’s a medal or two out there for you too. Read on for potential-fulfilling inspiration.

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The Big Gym Survey 2013 results

Gym Survey Results

Image source: Kzenon
The Big Supplement Centre Gym Survey

The results of the Big Gym Survey 2013 are in.

We got a great response from our blog readers, and your answers have thrown up a few surprises. We’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who submitted a survey.

Who would have guessed that more than half of you never use a Stairmaster as part of your workout? On the other hand, we know that most of you enjoy going to the gym – a massive 97% of respondents LOVE their gym!

We’ll be posting more in-depth articles on this blog over the next few weeks, based on the Big Gym Survey. Keep reading – there’s much more to come.

Here are the results of the survey in full:
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