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Liam Browne’s Matrix High Protein Flapjack Review

high protein flapjack review

A review of Matrix Nutrition’s High Protein Flapjacks

When we get asked “is this product any good?” we are rarely going to say “Nah mate, hunk of rubbish!” are we? And as much as we harp on about how we use Feefo, a 100% independent review system, people still want more info!

And rightly so. Why would you want to part with your hard earned (or not hard earned, we’re not judgemental) cash on something you’re not 100% sure on. So, in a bid to further show how honest we are, we sent our good friend Liam Browne a box of Matrix Nutrition High Protein Flapjacks and asked him to do a 100% honest review.

So he did.

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Matrix Nutrition Amino Storm Review

amino storm review

Liam Browne takes on the storm!

We gave Liam Browne a tub of Amino Storm to review, and this is what he thought…

Amino Storm is the latest product from Matrix Nutrition, combining the well-known BCAAs with creatine, taurine, glutamine and HMB. I have always used a BCAA supplement, be it through capsules or powder, they are always a part of my performance nutrition, and I will be using Matrix Amino Storm again.

When I am purchasing a BCAA supplement, I look for several things, pricing (and with that in mind, servings per container), how well it mixes, taste and of course the results.

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What is inulin?

what is inulin

The cool kid on the block

No, we haven’t misspelled insulin.

Inulin is kind of like the new kid to join the cool group at school. The one that you never really noticed, but is now able to comfortably get a seat at the back of the bus. In the eyes of his parents and close friends, he has always been pretty awesome, but now everyone is noticing him.

So who and what is Mr Inulin all about?

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If Twitter Explained Protein Supplements



Twitter has given us many things. From the trolling of Hulk Hogan, to rather odd world of One Direction fans. Or “fandom” if you want to get picky.

But annoying Directioners aside, one thing twitter hasn’t given us, is an explanation about supplements. Yes Twitter isn’t responsible for teaching you about what supplement does what, but we thought we’d help out anyway.

So here is what will probably be the biggest trend of the year. Every supplement explained, in 140 characters or less.


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How To Protect Your Joints If You Lift


Keep painful joints at bay!

Muscles are the stars of the show, but behind them, are your joints, working hard to keep the show on the road.

Sometimes these joints can become tired, and when that happens, they can cause you pain. If you are working out or staying in shape, you’ll be putting your joints under pressure.

So here’s how to keep them going, and keep the muscle show on the road.

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3 benefits of micellar casein protein

chocolate casein protein

Image source: DeymosHR
Yum yum choccy goodness!

There are many different protein powders available, from many different protein sources. Knowing what the differences are, and why each powder is different can therefore be confusing.

But don’t worry. That’s why we’re here, and today’s topic is casein. Known for its slow release, as well as an arguably confusing pronunciation, it is often overlooked.

We think it is a great supplement, and here’s why.

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5 things to look for in a protein bar


Image source: Races Weights and Protein Shakes
A look at the delicious world of protein bars…

The popularity of protein bars has rocketed in recent years due to the improvements in taste technology and the fact they are an ultra-convenient way to get elevate your protein intake.

Not all protein bars are made equally, some may taste phenomenal but have a shocking nutritional profile so by understanding these 5 important factors you’ll be able to make the best decision possible.

Here goes.

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6 things to give up for lent to boost your health


What are you giving up?

We’re a few days through lent, and many of you will be trying to give stuff up. But if, like us, you are a bit late to the pre-easter party, you might be wondering what not to do for lent.

More to the point, what can you give up that will improve your fitness?

Stuck? Don’t worry, we’ve got 6 things to give up, to help you get in shape.

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Bulking with breast milk


The gains start young…

Working out is awesome. It keeps you healthy, keeps you strong and gives you a sense of achievement. Then you have all the other reasons, like looking good, being able to wear a vest, being able to wiggle your pectoral muscles like Terry Crews…we could go on.

Many look for muscle growth supplements in order get that bodybuilding edge, but some folk are looking for a rather different product altogether. Namely, breast milk.

Let’s take a look at why it might be getting popular.

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The Best Protein and more: How you voted


Image source: Supplement Centre
So many awards..kind of…

As many of you will know, we recently ran what we called “The Suppies.” You guys voted like it was going out of fashion!

Of course there can only be one winner in each category, even though the voting was close in a few instances.

So, in support of transparency and all that, here’s how you voted!

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