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How to make bacon healthy

Can-bacon be healthy

Hungry yet?

Bacon. The very mention of the word is likely to make the most hardened fitness fanatic salivate uncontrollably. A major weekend pleasure and perhaps the culinary cherry on top of any meal. But, can you eat it every day?

Everything in proportion is the age old guidance. Yes A chocolate bar won’t kill you, but 250 could put you closer to a fat riddled demise. So is there a way to enjoy bacon on a regular occasion without turning into the very animal you’re eating?

We thought we’d see if we can make bacon healthy.

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The 2014 Fitness Round-Up

Year review

Can you name the gym?

Like a good gym session, a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger film or a delicious chocolate protein shake, all good things have to come to an end.

2014 has been a momentous year. England failed to do anything positive at the World Cup, Phil Heath won Mr Olympia (again) and we reached 50k fans on Facebook…

But what has been the most clicked, most read and most shared fitness goodies of 2014?

Here is the top 10.

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Top tips for eating clean on the road

Old fashioned eat cafe sign with sunset background.

Stay on track!

Ah – life on the road aye, what a buzz packing up the car and heading somewhere over the horizon.

Whether going on holiday or a business trip, or visiting friends or relatives, travel is good for the soul … but not quite so good for dietary discipline.

Service stations tempt you with fast food , roadside burger vans send you char-grilled smoke signals and even the car radio tells you to turn off at the next junction if you’d like a 2-for-1 deal on something naughty but nice. The road is full of challenges, so to avoid coming back with more baggage than you left with, you need a plan, man.

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Fitness Round-up: Massive legs, a massive man and beer


What’s he so happy about?

Halloween, clocks changing and the leaves all starting to die. Yep October has been and gone, so now we’ll look at what happened on the world wide web.

We’ve got a man with a suspiciously large forearm, “proof” that alcohol can be consumed and not hinder performance, and a rather handy leg day workout.

It’s the fitness roundup for October.

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In defence of the English breakfast

Full english breakfast fry up with a glass of orange juice.

Mmmm, grease…

The English breakfast has gained an infamous reputation, and yes, compared to the muesli mix from across the channel, it does appear a tad unhealthy.

That’s because it’s usually full of grease due to being made by a greasy chef in a greasy spoon café.

But hold on a minute! It’s actually full of protein too and a high protein breakfast is just what you need according to recent studies.

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Supplements to keep you strong this winter

Man playing ice hockey outside.

Bring it on, winter!

It starts with a tickle at the back of your throat and before you know it you’re dragging yourself through your day, coughing, spluttering and honking into a handkerchief.

Your work colleagues try to shield themselves from your germs, your partner is sympathetic, but let’s face it, you’re disgusting to be around.

A cold is a virus and on average we’ll each catch around 200 in a lifetime, adding up to around five years of wheezing and sneezing. There’s never a good time to catch a dose of man flu – or if you’re a woman, a common cold. If you train, or work out, it’s vital to build a healthy immune system, especially during the winter months. Here’s how.

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Vampire Supplements

Female vampire biting man

“I want to suck your blood…”

Need a pick me up after all that hard training? How about human blood? Halloween is only a few days away, so let’s find out about this new spooky supplement.

True, blood is an unusual supplement and one that’s usually thought of in relation to tales of sharp fanged predators of the evil undead variety. But now scientists have discovered that Dracula might have been on to something when he sucked the lifeblood from the necks of young women.

Why? It turns out human blood is actually rather good for you…

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